Whats in the bag?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by The_Professor, Sep 26, 2009.

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  1. In the Telegraph today the Deputy Chief Defence Capability said that every soldier, sailor and airman deploying to theatre gets a bag containing £3500 worth of kit. Did I get a different bag from everyone else as mine appeared to contain about £350 worth of kit. If anyone has a price list could they please advise.

    Initial thoughts are Helmet and Osprey - £1200 (?)
  2. £350?? More like £3.50 :D I particuarly like that chippy black daysack that looks like it was made by a blind monkey! Total pump!! :D
  3. You get one of those black day sacks when you come through an ATR as a crow these days!
  4. Are these at Silverman's prices?
  5. Its true, £350 of kit, and £3150 of broken promises.
  6. IIRC;
    3 x trousers/shirt/UBACS/tshirts
    1 x windproof jacket
    1 x windproof trousers
    Pair Lowa/Meindl
    5 x socks/knickers (pair of)
    Ballistic glasses
    Jungle bag
    Dessie Gortex
    Sh*t kneepads
    Mark 6a

    Where's the other £2k gone?
  7. The admiral said the bag of 'stuff' was worth £3,500 - not £350 and not £3.50.

    Will someone say which is the true figure?

    My guess is, with the monocular oaf controlling the purse strings, is £3.50.

    What is in these 'black bags'. Taxc-payers paid for them so we are entitled to be told.

    PS: Who is Vice Admiral Palmer and how many tours on the ground has he done in Afghanistan?

    PPS: Sorry, I didn't 'twig' the post above.
  8. Given that defence procurement has a history of buying things at inflated prices, you've probably got £350 of goods that the MoD was daft enough to pay £3,500 for.

    And don't forget, it costs a lot of money to put everything through a trials process to ensure that it doesn't interfere with the L/R wiper blade action - or so jim30 says.
  9. Just make sure that you sign an itemised 1033, not one that says "Kit to value of £3500."