Whats in a name?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Murphy_Slaw, Apr 10, 2008.

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  1. The village of Lunt is plagued by grafitti, so the villagers are being asked to consider a name change.



    I think they should change it to Lock.

    Do Arrsers have any other suggestions?
  2. I think "Tuck" sounds like a lovely place to visit in the summer....Although id climb over broken glass to visit a town called "soapy t*t w*nk" !!
  3. "According to the local website, the area was first documented in 1251 in the Chartulary of Cockersand Abbey where it was referred to as "de Lund".

    Christ, the whole area is just bursting with grafiti opportunities.

    As it;s so close to Wales, maybe a nice Welsh sounding name like, say........ Llitorus.
  4. Where is that then...just north of Lunt I think...or is it south...who knows!?
  5. Good job they don't use the whole sign ... It's twinned with Wankum in Germany!
  6. "Honest guv, Im here for the wildlife....!"
  7. In Crook in County Durham there is a road called "Low Jobs Hill"
  8. There's a hill near Yakima Firing Centre in Washington State called Squaw's Tit. Very proud, thrusting and conical. Obviously the squaws hadn't discovered McDs and cheese in a can at that stage in the game.
  9. There's a TWATT in Orkney...

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  10. its predictable, but someone had to post it:

  11. also Hell (Norway) frozen over;

  12. And a post office 8)

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  13. I live in a village called LISS. Our signs get "modified" quite regularly. :)
  14. Perhaps "Lunt" could divide into Lower and Upper Lunt, then rename itself Lung. Result, a nice pair of lungs and no mistake!
  15. In Glasgow there's a very busy street thats often on the radio traffic reports in the morning.

    Its called "Balshagry" Avenue - honest!!!

    But we all call it Ball-shag-me Avenue because it winds up the soap dodgers.

    It's funny listening to DJ's trying not to laff or get it wrong.

    They used to have a very gay camp character who's job was to read this out - it was hilarious :-D