Whats in a name?

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by CRmeansCeilingReached, Feb 8, 2007.

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  1. Just a thought - with so many oddballs out there with their linguistic in-jokes like perevodkachikky, syazjazvagivistsisvist etc... what is the meaning of your user name? why did you pick it?

    Bit of a crap start because mine is obvious. after yet another disappointing board result a few years ago, i muttered "in my case 'CR' seems to mean 'ceiling reached'".

    but i'm curious as to what all these funny "forin" words mean :)

    op int & spy - looking forward to your explanation lol

    and yes - i'm well aware that one of you out there can not answer this question honestly without compromising yourself somewhat ;)
  2. My username is what it is because I am!

    Not strictly true - I don't miss the Army as an organisation, but do still very much enjoy the people and value the contact things like Arrse, the Association and BAFF, plus some of the work stuff I do, allow me to maintain with them.
  3. Svyazist means "signaller" in Russian. Svjazist is a phonetic representation of the same word, and means "svyazist got there first".

    Deerhunter means "I shoot Bambi, and have a freezer full of venison".

    Yum yum.
  4. Well... I work in the world of G2, I started there.

    Then I thought about what it's like to work in that world...

    The word crazy came to mind, along with insane with a number of people I had met...

    Where can you meet loads of crazies?

    A Loony Bin.

    So then I took these two rival and opposite concepts and brought them together, with British thinking, and came up with:


    Only after did I realise it was a crap name... it was instinct really, just like my PS report writing!
  5. devex was the DEVelopement and EXploitation cell in 13 Sigs and was the first dept I worked in after trg. The warrior part is pure theatre.

    I did have a different username, but had to change after a little "unpleasantness" in another part of the site
  6. oh my god, you're Pentwyn aren't you? :)
  7. No
  8. Because its what I like to think of myself as being.
  9. Cos I'm a slap head, and a fellow peanut head used to call me it many moons ago.
  10. then should it not be "pensioner_with_a_zimmerframe"? :)
  11. Certain people (AF1771) take their names from Army forms they have a lot of experience with. Unfortunately I've never made that many claims but have had some limited experience of AF B252. For those of you not hard enough to know or not stupid enough to get caught a 252 is a Charge Report.

    From this comes the age old rhyme "Do me, screw me, 252 me"

  12. Cheeky young whipper-snapper, wouldn't have got away with comments like that in my day etc etc etc.

  13. i know, i know, i would have been on extra musket drill.

    i said, i would have been on... oh, forget it.
  14. Is this exclusive to the Int Corps, or can I join in?

    Well, too late, I'm joining in.

    Forks, totally random, has no meaning, never used it anywhere else before here, never used it since. Probably so I can go as anonymously as I can here so no-one can link me to any previous online past. That's it. I bet you wish I never posted now.
  15. Well, bit of a no brainer really...an anagram of INT CORPS. Others that I came up with:


    Then got very bored and my phone rang, it was the CO...

    I bet those darksiders will come up with some good ones, as they keep telling me how intellectual they are!

    Don't think I will ever get to be a contestant on coundown somehow.