Whats in a Name?

A Japanese robotics company has developed a rehab suit to help people with weak leg muscles and mobility problems..it is equipped with sensors that read brain signals and direct leg movements through the skin. weighs 10 kilos..
Good, you say?

they've named the robosuit: HAL - hybrid assistive limb - not to be confused with the 2001HAL who went berserk in outer space " I'm sorry Dave.. Daisy, Daisy... "

oh, and the company that developed the suit?:

Cyberdyne, the corp that develops the sentient killer Terminator robots after taking over the world..

maybe should buy shares/stock? Hell of a way to inspire consumer confidence..


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Can we get tinfoil hats with kevlar reinforcement? I think I might need one, because this can only end one way...

... and not with disabled people finding a new lease of life!


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Bradstyley said:
What weapons will we need to stop these power-armoured quadraspazzed roboplaegics that will surely kill us all?
Don't worry - the government will supply all the weapons you need ........about 5 years after you need them! :(