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It's the daily mail........................
It's the EU.............
box-of-frogs said:
It's the daily mail........................
And in a few more papers.

Amazing how often the mail is right when it comes to the EU.

So do you agree with renaming Regions of England so we can be "Integrated"?

April fool (no change there then)
MikeMcc said:

April fool (no change there then)
And it's written by *cough* Gerri Peev. Maybe a hint?

Anyway, how ya doin', Mike? Haven't seen, or read, you around much of late.

April Fool?

Like the EU naming England as "Government Office Regions" in its "Nomenclature of Territorial Units for Statistics"

Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland remain just that of course.

If it is a joke its not exactly a funny one is it?
In further news, InVinoVeritas, the UE passed a law prohibiting the use of the term: "baked beans on toast". In future this dish must be referred to as: "fèves au lard sur du pain grillé". Thad'll learn 'em, eh?

They can Le Fvck Off
Bugsy said:
In further news, InVinoVeritas, the UE passed a law prohibiting the use of the term: "baked beans on toast". In future this dish must be referred to as: "fèves au lard sur du pain grillé". Thad'll learn 'em, eh?

Its ok for you, your country at least had a vote to surrender your independence.. which was strange considering all the murder used to try and obtain it.

Of course you know how erosion works don't you? Slow, insidious, a little at a time, barely noticable, nothing to worry about... then you wake up one morning and your lands gone.

I'm not suprised you aren't bothered.. you dont actually believe in anything thats worth fighting for.


Kit Reviewer
^ well you could change it from next year with the new year 1s at school but I hear that teachers are saying **** off to it.
pluss we have beaten off invaders from the english channel before and we will do it agian (tis time the army is the EU)
Do sound like another totalitarian edict of ECUB - the European Court of Utter Bolloxs. In November last year they banned Italy from displaying crucifixes in classrooms??? Naturally, Italy did f-all and told them to v’afc. They launched a challenge which was formally accepted at the beginning of March. Whatever the outcome, crucifixes won‘t come down ;)

As to renaming the English Channel – and then the Irish Sea? – in the words of MacLean & MacLean (and they’re Canadian); ”Mister, you can take a long hard suck o’ my arrse!” :omg: :D

I'll have to reserve judgement, but a lot of Daily Mail and Sun stories seem to end up on this page-


Perhaps this too is just part of a sinister plot by the Eurocrats, or are the Mail's journos just indulging in a bit of selective reporting (again)?

That these stories seem to surface once and then vanish like morning mist leads me to incline towards the latter.
I dont think that they are planning on renaming the channel, but scarily there is an "Arc Manche" website.

Arc Manche

Want to know the worring thing?

We are paying for this Cr*p!

The mission of the Arc Manche Assembly is to promote the Channel area as a specific and a coherent entity for territorial co-operation at European Union level and to gain recognition from the European Institutions.

Working as a collaborative network, it aims to reinforce Franco-British partnerships between regions on both sides of the Channel by delivering joint actions and projects, which could be supported by European Union policies.

The actions of the Arc Manche are chiefly centred on seaborn and coastal dimensions but it also insists on the necessity to deepen exchanges with large European areas and particularly, with the hinterland, whose proximity to major capital cities, Paris and London, contribue to reinforce those relationships.
It's known as 'der Ärmelkanal' here, or better 'die Engish Kanal'. ;)
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