Whats in a name? Tankie or Cav


As an ex-tankie (1RTR) I have always assumed that the only 'tankies' are the Men in black.
I was talking to a lass at work about the forces etc and when she found I was a tankie said "Oh, my hubby was a tankie" When asked which regiment she replies "5th Skins". When I informed her that in actual fact her hubby was a bog trotting donkey walloper not a tankie she got a wee bit funny with me!
So, do you Cavalry types refer to yourselves as Tankies or Cav??
As an ex tankie (2RTR and 3RTR) I am sure that they (Cav) prefer donkey walloper......now we will hear all about Council House Cav I suppose!


The Household Chav-alry - those shiny helmets do look a little bit like they have come from the Argos jewelry catalogue don't they!

Argos Cat No 233/1870 £69 Shiny Helmet Polisher
I think they are bloody smart and should still be worn into battle.


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Chav like to call themselves Tankies so that they can be up to the standard. Must be embarrasing continuing on for hundreds of years being sh!t on donkeys only to be moved to tanks and be shown up there to.

Show some sympathy guys....... in fact don't bother.


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I think that non-RAC call all the RAC'' tankies'' , yet those who are ''Cav'' call themselves ''Cav'' . FR call themselves Recce first then Cav .To be in the ''Cav'' and then to be called ''tankies'' is insulting , i guess its the reverse for the ''tankies'' to be called ''Cav''. Sorry sounds confusing i am under the influence .


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Very lucid Recce Cpl for someone under the afluence of incolhol!!!

Also very correct.


The MIB will always be tankies. We led the way and when the "cav" were told to get off their horses I seem to recall that their was much wailing and nashing of teeth. My heart bleeds.

The question is who's great idea was it to take the finest Tank regiment off their Tanks and turn them is a CS regiment?!? Save us from the JNBCR or is it JCBRNR?


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I know that you know that I know, the answer to that question!


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As ex 2RTR I am under the same understanding as trelawney.

RTR know as Tankies

Cavalry referred to as Cav

And those pretenders that prance and mince about London on a horse...


hell yeah tankies are the armoured corps(though the whole MIB thing must be relatively new)
and as for cav
fractions dont sit well with anyone
or am i mistaken
(also 2RTR)


Toonted said:
Is it Tankies or Navel gunners? either way if you ain't Cav you ain't.
Well said!!!!

Boy Scouts have been round longer than the MG Corp/RTR.

Cav have had recce roles since the inception. Long Time.

RTR/MG Corp not been around long. Short Time.

Did they not get named "RTR" until after Cambrai?

Not all cavalry regiments are Fractions.

But, at the end of the day there is nothing wrong with the "peoples Cavalry" wearing Black. Suits them.

You don't have "tankie" dash and panache, it all belongs the Cavalry.
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