Whats in a game?

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by g2_loony_bin, Apr 23, 2007.

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  1. What is your favourite game? Board, cards, or otherwise.

    Just going for the rhyming option in respect of "What's in a name?" thread...

    Risk for starters.

    Any takers?
  2. are you on pre-deployment leave or just bone idle? :)
  3. I was thinking about following in the footsteps of my role model and eating a dozen pies, shouting at people for doing their job properly and then rupture my achilles tendon...

    But that seemed pretty fucking stupid!
  4. what can i say. you've just got one of those faces that makes people want to shout at you :)
  5. Hello Kettle, this is pot...
  6. anyway, when did you ever "do your job properly", let alone get shouted at for doing so :)
  7. Get a room you two!!
  8. Only if you get lubed up!

    I don't know! You implied in a previous post that you shouted at me when this has never been the case.

    And please! You have first hand knowledge on my working practices and skills?
  9. you're right, i apologise. i've never seen you work.

    i spent two weeks on exercise with you and saw you do nothing but eat boil in the bags meals, and try to get your boot on :)
  10. And you slate me for what? Not working hard enough or out shining you ball bag?
  11. Anyway back on topic.

    What do Darksiders like to play?
  12. With each other ???
  13. Generally so, with the games I prompted in my first post in this thread, before CR decided to unleash what can only be described as "CR's approach to using radios by clogging up the traffic" made into written form.
  14. that's rich. every time you post one word, it takes up half a page due to your "hilarious" signature block. :)

    seems real life is not the only place your footprint is enormous :boogie:
  15. A fat pilot's arrse could also be the place for it cunto!