What's hiding in your freezer?,,,,

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by tuffy52, Jul 14, 2011.

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  1. Shergar's head, a gamekeeper's bull mastiff and that little lass......errrmm.......the one I found in Portugal....you know the one!
  2. Call me a paranoid old fool but I have no idea what might be hiding in my freezer I have been stuffing things in there for years... maybe they are breeding ...I don't know.

    However if they develop and inter breed into some sort of deep frozen fish fingery multi-legged chicken thing that I can just throw in the microwave, it won't be all that bad!!


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  3. It's a shame for the family they found the rest of him.
    This little coffin costs virtually fuck all and they are Jewish you know, Oh Yeah!

  4. Cernunnos speaks with forked tongue, she's in my freezer.

    Or does Maddy have a twin sister?
  5. Just had a look.

    2 bags of baby carrots
    1 joint of pork
    1 bag of sweetcorn
    Some stem cells
    half a prostitute
    A gram or two of antimatter
    1 chicken
    The head of a complete stranger
    2 Maddie fillets
    A_K's personality
    3 Arctic rolls
  6. 2 Pizzas
    1 pack freezable condoms
    Various packets of vegetables.
    Beef joint
    Half a bottle of Stolly which is going to be an empty bottle tonight coz I is avin a sh*te of all sh*te days
  7. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    My freezer is full of metal collets. If you lower the temperature of them prior to fitting, they contract, making them easier to fit. When they warm up again they expand securing them with a nice tight fit.

    They aren't actually part of any on going engineering project, I just like joining pieces of metal together for no reason.
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  8. I thought you put Jews in the oven ?
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  9. Wish you were in the fucking oven
  10. My freezer. A pair of jeans with chewing gum stuck on it.

    /Just for Jarrod/... Several well preserved bodies of fit men I've stalked and killed using my secret recipe of lamb rogan josh. It's all in the seasoning. Which actually makes them quality prime beef for a future roast dinner.
  11. Zen


    Fuck knows. I'm more interested in the contents of the beer fridge.
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  12. Two questions.

    1. Do you have a carving knife?
    2. Do you have a waste disposal unit?
  13. Sweetcorn?? You f'kin maniac!!!
  14. What can I say? I like injecting it with sulphuric acid and feeding it to birds... And toddlers.

    The look on their little faces is a picture.
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