Whats happenned to all the LSWs?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Evilgoblin, Feb 12, 2008.

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  1. Not seen one anywhere for a long time, not even stagging on a gate in the UK. Do people still have them in their armouries or have they finally been withdrawn and consigned to the pit of hell where they belong?
  2. We still have our LSW's in the armoury,however the Minimi is taking up that slot and is a superior weapon
  3. and it probably wont be long before we are backloading our LSW's
  4. About time too, LSW's were a piece a crap
  5. napier

    napier LE Moderator Reviewer

    from here, a well balanced piece on the L85/86 system. The LSW very much has a place in the golf bag if people can get over its ugly appearance, 'crow cannon' reputation and start using it properly as an extremely accurate long range rifle.
  6. I was always puzzled why the army chose the LSW in the first place- the Yanks were buying the Minimi in the 1980s as the M249, and surely there was some memory of the Bren gun (a magazine fed weapon like LSW) being outclassed by german beltfed LMGs like MG-42 in WW2? I understand theres a commonality of parts with the L85 rifle, but surely thats outweighed by the need for firepower?
  7. I did a Bn Marksmanship course at STC, with the SASC. Knocking down huns heads at 800 with an LSW was so much fun!
  8. Napier

    I thought the future infantry structure was to arm the marksmen in the platoon with a sniper rifle rather than LSW? Seem to dimly remember something from Trg and Doctrine news on the subject a while back. Have heard the LSW described as a 3rd world sniper rifle before now. Perhaps with a more accurate sighting system it can be made to be very effective. I have seen the Spams using a "marksman's" rifle based on the M16 as a coy level fire sp asset seems to work quite well for them. They do use snipers differently to us though.
  9. the mistake was to try to use the LSW as a machine gun in which role it was pants.
    rather than as a Designated marksman rifle like the m14 or the dragnov
  10. of course not its 5.56
    what it does have is selective fire so you can take aimed shots or blat away
    silly boy
  11. If they are going to use it as a designated marksman type weapon, should it have a new sight to replace SUSAT?
  12. It has a higher effective range due to the increased length of the barrel, I believe. It also has a more stable platform for aimed, ranged shots due to the fact you can deploy the bipod, so in that sense it is very effective.

    Just not as an LMG.
  13. Yes a pain to carry, but superb once on the range, very acurate.. a different scope would bring out the best in it, 6X or 8X with a mill dot reticule would do the job. Certinally not an LMG. we had been told that it was to be kept on in Regt units as a counter sniper weapon.....
  14. In the RAF Regt its now used by the paltoons as the sharpshooters weapon. Sharpshooters attend a Two week course of which the final test is a two mile approch march and a unknown distance shoot. A Pair of Sharpshooters are then attched to the lightrole guns (GPMG) section
  15. meridian

    meridian LE Good Egg (charities)

    I twas I who knocked up that chart but I did qualify it by stating that the figures used were publically quoted not real world used to compare. Dont want anyone thinking I am more of a cock than might already be the case :D