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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by brainclot, Nov 23, 2009.

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  1. i hear all jobs are full due to the recession....does that apply to infantry? i wanna join the yorkshire infantry,whats the likely hood of getting in when i go for selection in january 2010?thanx
  2. No, not all jobs are full. You might have a long(ish) wait though. Have you asked in your ACIO yet?
  3. Just make sure you get a good grade A or B and the wait shouldnt be too long. Having said that I read on here (cant find the post) that 2,000 people are waiting for phase 1 dates.
  4. 2000.. and the numbers are still racking up.

    Everytime I walk to work i walk past my local AFCO and there is always people in there interviews, query's people walking out with forms to fill in

    When will the time be when you get turned away because they are literally full?
  5. jeez i feel lucky iv got my date for phase 1 CATTERICK febuary 2010. i passed with grade B in july so iv been waiting 6-7 months from when i passed ADSC.
  6. See PM
  7. I'm one of that 2000. Passed with a B in July, so hopefully that'll stand me in reasonably good stead.

    Alot of companies have lifted their recruiting freezes I've heard, the company I currently work for have just started taking on again, and have plans to employ another 80 throughout the firm in the next few months, so you may see the less dedicated begin to flake out of the recruiting process and elect to remain on civvy street, that is if this is happening elsewhere too. Then again I'm in retail which generally recovers first.
  8. I'm also waiting having passed ADSC waaaaaay back in August. It's really frustrating, no slots for Phase 1 until April I'm told! :(

    Still, I know I'm really not the only one, least I've got time to sort out things at work... :)
  9. ye medical corps is always long wait i think i passed adsc at the end of may and im starting on monday and i started applying before the credit crunch really started to kick in