Whats happening to the NAAFI bar

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Mighty_doh_nut, May 20, 2003.

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  1. Right then

    It is clear that the NAAFI bar has been growing dull over recent weeks.

    We owe it to ourselves to lower the tone, inject more vulgarness and portray the correct image of the Brit squaddie. Otherwise we may as well throw on flowery dresses and call ourselves Penelope

    To back up my statement I am singing the theme tune to Monty Python and lagging on my monitor ;D
  2. Can I say

    f u c k,p i s s,s h i t, w a n k ?
  4. Yipeeeeeeeeeeee  ;D shake up appreciated, now wheres that bottle of wine?  ;) ;)
  5. Clusterfuck, anyone? Might liven things up a bit?

    :D  :p  :-*
  6. Shake up, great idea.

    As well as more vulgarity, perhaps we could have less of the teeth grindingly bad, double entendre jokes with the purported females on the net. A phenomena guaranteed to drag a promising thread into mid table obscurity


    Male Poster - I've got a c*ck
    Female Poster - Ooh I bet you have
    MP - Yes I have
    FP - Oooh i'd love you to let me have it
    MP - Ooh I bet you would
    FP - Yes I would
    MP - Right then
    FP - OOoh saucy

    Etc etc etc etc etc - continue till MP reaches vinegars, and FP as well (as she's probably an MP)

    Just my opinion
  7. Agree mate, although I am one of the biggest offenders.

    Just ask the trouts to stop harassing me for jig jig and its a go.

    Don't say you want less taunting of the Puffs and firemen though
  8. The taunting is entertaining, but i'm a non contributor in that direction (apart from an early, misguided, pissed up haymaker at the TA, which missed by four feet).

    The stuff I like on this means are the memories and banter of people with a story to tell. The "Basic training - the good old days" and "DS phrase book" had me p*ssing my sides at some of the postings.

    And now to celebrate my (almost) promotion to Sect2IC I will make an inflammatory statement.

    "I have never read a post by a female (pretend or real) in the NAAFI bar forum that I found funny".
  9. That's cos the chicks are good for one thing only!!!!

    Mucking me out!!!!!!!! ;D
  10. [​IMG]

    nuff said ;D
  11. Convoy,
    A very gracious apology, but having read the original thread I think you are being too hard on yourself.  Your central point, that the world would be a better place if these two TA Walter Mittys were fed their own entrails seems fair enough to me.  The mistake you made was to assume that they were representative of all TA soldiers (remember, until they serve with a regular unit, many TA soldiers believe on the evidence available that all regulars are chubby, bitter, passed over welfare cases who can only pass a CFT from inside a Landrover and confuse proper equipment husbandry with shouting "FU CK OFF" at anyone who tries to draw any kit for training). :)

    Anyway, perhaps we need a "Walter" thread.  My vote goes either to the NISS bloke I saw with a 30 round mag in the 9mm pistol he had sticking out of his chest webbing, or the OTC cadet I saw wearing a CBA outer cover during a blank firing exercise like it was actually body armour. ;D ;D ;D

    Remembers where he is, farts nervously, follows through, mumbles something about going to the bog and legs it.  Found by guard lying in flower bed with brogues full of piss and singing "Blaydon Races":-X
  12. Big shake up? Come on then!.... hmmmmm

    So so boring....  
  13. Well, get 'em out then love  ;D ;D ;D
  14. Paoli said:

    FNAR!!!!!  ;D