Whats happening to Arrse?

Discussion in 'ARRSE: Site Issues' started by doomsayer, Mar 10, 2006.

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  1. BCO/GCO,

    Is there a particular rationale behind the launch of RumRation and RearParty, together with the changes to the shop? Does Arrse now have a business plan to make itself a fully commercial concern, or is it just expanding to increase the user base?

    Just curious what the long term plan (if there is one) is - I may also have missed the relevant announcements, but having searched I couldn't find anything about the changes?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Divide and conquer!
  3. I think RearParty is a superb idea, on par with sliced bread and draught Guinness in a can.

    It has given the "other halves" a place to converse safe from the idiotic assaults on their personalities from tw*ts like me :) , which is why I would never dream of going over their and posting bone comments. It's their forum for their kind of talk and well played to the CO's for providing the facility.

    As for Rum Ration, it's a great way to get rid of the bum loving fish heads and "couldn't hack it as an infanteer so I joined the navy" types. I was getting fed up with the constant invites to join GayParty anyway :)

    As for it being commercial, I fcuking hope it has commercial benefits for both of the CO's. They've put enough into this in the past for nothing to now deserve to start making a few quid out of it. As long as I get to do what the fcuk I want with no whiny girly complaints from either of them of course. I won't take this opportunity to remind them that I gave them all of the other arrse domain names that they had forgotten to register for nothing after I had paid for them and have never, ever received the tin of Quality Street that I was promised. Cnuts.
  4. You're fecking loaded Stella; you still owe us for the massive embezzlement that made you the criminal you are today :lol:

    Some poor,young soldier has no access to a PRI mountain bike so you could have those bespoke medals lol...
  5. I agree with Doomsayer, there does seem to be a plethora of adverts and a more commerial aspect to the site, no grudges to the COs for that! But i do wonder about whether the site is as interesting as it once was.

    Plus ca chance.

  6. I think you should consider this:

    If the site does not make money then it will quickly become stale and difficult to use (as capacity increases so must the servers to maintain site speed). We are now the focus of journalists so must look a little professional don't you think? Walts and idiots are making malicious attempts to spoil the site; do you think protection against this is free?

    Finally, after providing a highly useful resource that I tell others about every single day, why should this not yield an income for the progenators!

    You do not have to log on my friend; if you find the site not to your taste I can always recommend a few airsoft sites or if you are military the highly thrilling intranet.
  7. Bad CO

    Bad CO LE Admin Reviews Editor Gallery Guru

    Thanks for everyone's comments on this topic. A few thoughts from our point of view:

    1. The RumRation and Reaparty sites were created to fill a gap that we perceived. Our experience (extremely hard earned!) from running ARRSE allows us to put together those sort of sites relatively easily. As Aunty_S states they also seem to have removed a little bit of the tension that had been created on here.

    2. The plan! We originally created ARRSE after a night on the lash in Newcastle almost as a joke. We never imagined that four years on we'd have delivered something with the level of usage and influence that ARRSE has now. The harsh reality is though that as it got more successful our amateur approach had to change.

    3. Looking after the site also takes a considerable amount of (largely unseen) work. Ask me how many 'I can't register emails I get per week? After the site was hacked in 2004, GCO and myself spent almost a whole week of leave putting it back online. Upgrading the software, adding new features (see recent thread on ARRSEpedia spam protection) and doing day to day admin is a constant drain.

    4. Money. Yes we'd like to make some money from this. To be honest I don't think that is particularly unreasonable considering that everything on this site is free! I don't believe the ads are particularly obtrusive and many of them offer discount to ARRSE users.
  8. Now that made me chuckle :D
  9. So bloody what if there are a few adverts on ARRSE . What difference does it make ? Its up to the members
    of ARRSE to make it a success.We do tend to police ourselves when it comes to trouble makers etc etc .
    Lets stop whinging and just crack on.
  10. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    For once I am with Aunty Stella. I totally agree with his comments and I think the COs are doing a great job. If they make a bob or two out of it then so what. It is well deserved. I enjoy my time on arrse, it is good fun (even the stalking of me by Harry Webster who must have fallen on his head when parachuting without the requisite parachute).

    I fully appreciate all the hard work that goes on in the background, not just by the COs but also the MODs (even PTP :cry: ). I see no diminution of arrse by adding the new sites. In fact, I think there should be quick links to them on the site index to make access that bit easier.

    To say arrse is changed is perfectly correct. The membership is now huge and therefore different people will come along. All things change and if you want to keep it the way you want it, then use it the way you want. Arrse is not just an entertainment tool, it is a participation tool also.

    Right, that is my brown nosing over. I will probably be back to normal tonight after a few sherbets and once Scotland has thrashed Ireland at Lansdowne Road. :wink:
  11. Aye - Well said Paveway and Auld-yin...

    Auld-Yin - Don't get your hopes up for the rugby!

  12. Sixty

    Sixty LE Moderator Book Reviewer
    1. ARRSE Cyclists and Triathletes

    And if anyone is genuinely bothered by the ads then simply sling a couple of quid the COs way and you need never see them again.
  13. Twice in a weekend Ive agreed with this clown.... apart from it being him that paid for the domains... he made the transaction, but with my money :D

    Same as his lotus :D

    And his dads house :D :D

    He'll bite like fcuk when he reads this
  14. He is now rich enough to pay for a gangland hit on you MDN...

    I would do it for feck all by shoving your tongue up Pentwyn's ass until you choked to death; just as you were about to expire I would show you piccies of stabtiffy2b and dogface getting it on to send you to the underworld with a look of abject horror :lol:

    Bet he (Stella) does not bite!
  15. Agree absolutely with A S for all the forums the COs have created recently.

    One of the problems for the COs is the fact that we all have free access to all the public areas of the site. I go blundering into the "wrong" part of the site e.g. NAAFI Bar with my own particular brand of Part Army / Part Civvy / Lots of TA attitude and it p1sses off (sometimes massively) original members like Aunty Stella, MDN and other top blokes* whose own particular brands of Civvy, Army, TA or whatever are different from mine. Same deal when a hardened forum warrior (or even just a pretend hardman forum warrior, no names, no pack drill) comes blundering into one of the serious forums and starts having a go, intentionally or otherwise. Without clearly defining what part is what, the potential for conflict is extremely high and - given the backgrounds and natures of the vast majority of site members - that conflict can be fairly savage in nature.

    It gets worse when you throw in people who do not (yet) have a deep understanding of what Service life (past, present, reg or TA) is, was and ever shall be, about. Conflict here tends to generate the majority of private complaints to the COs from the "interlopers" and the "she said, he said" crowd tend to generate the majority of public rammies between ARRSErs of different backgrounds/motivations/interests. Including some I have had to apologise for to a few long-standing members.

    I believe there was a clear demand for a site like RumratioN and I believe also that whilst we have not yet proven the demand for Rear Party per se (although I suspect the COs have got that one spot on) ARRSE itself needed to seperate out those members who were more suited to a site like RP so for the benefit of ARRSE there was a clear and obvious need for RP. I hope both the new sites are a tremendous success and I believe ARRSE itself will continue to go from strength to strength. A point of note is that a year ago when I mentioned ARRSE all the Officers around me looked embarrassed and changed the subject. Now I mention ARRSE and the conversation turns to, "Did you see that post by..."

    There is, of course, still a degree of conflict between TA and Reg but in keeping with the One Army concept I hope the COs will keep Just TA on the main site ;)

    Maybe it will help summarise my thinking if I observe that there's a good reason why there are 3 messes in any Army Establishment. And an even better reason why visits from any one to any other one should be kept to a minimum. Of course there is no rank on ARRSE as far as forum posting is concerned but perhaps we all need to recognise the clash of culture almost certain when posters from different backgrounds get in amongst each other. For my part, I am staying out of the NAAFI bar where posts are very public and where it is very difficult to recover from an ill-placed remark; quite an easy choice because it really isn't my sort of place anyway. I shall attempt to confine myself to Just TA, RLC and the other more serious forums and I will continue to visit Chat where it is easy to log out if you can't stand the heat, easy to recover from getting it wrong by the medium of pm and where I hope to continue meeting class acts like MDN, canteen_cowboy and co in an environment where none of us need feel threatened that someone is attempting to change "our view" of what ARRSE is.

    To the COs - fabulous job guys, I hope the cash comes rolling in - TA Bounty only a month away, you will get a slice of mine.

    *I have p1ssed off some complete choppers as well but I don't give a fcuk about them!