Whats happening on RnR Island?

Hi All,

Things on the Island have moved on a bit since the early days when we had nothing better to do than fly around the place shooting mellons at each other.

A great deal of building has taken place to try and fulfil the wishes of the population. Theres room for more and if you think the Island is missing something please let us know!!

A quick picture tour of whats currently on the Island:

The range has been moved and rebuilt. The targets record hits and can be cleared by left clicking them. Warning - dont use heavy weaponry - the splash back kills you!!!

There are bumper cars behind the NAAFI.

You can shoot yourself out of a cannon on the Parade Square - not sure why, but it there!!!

The FIBUA village has been built to give Islanders somewhere to use weapons without disturbing the rest of the Island. There is an extensive sewer system, woodland, bunkers, sangars (complete with radiator for doing the obvious) and buildings where shoot-em-ups can be played. There is a system called DCS which can be worn that records hits/kills that kind of thing to make the FIBUA more like a computer game.

The memorial garden is just that - a quiet place where those that have fallen or indeed anyone can be remembered. As soon as Mr Hudson returns from his holidays you will be able to copy a cross to plant in the flower beds which has hovering text where you can remember someone. The crosses will not be deleted unless absolutely necessary and certainly not without consultation with whoever planted it.

The minisubs are a bit of fun next to the FIBUA village. They fire torpedos and register hits, sinking you after you've been hit 5 times. You can also take them for a sale around the whole Island if you feel the urge (you can also drive a bumper car around the island if you manage to bounce one out).

The Island has a NAAFI bop. There is a music stream from Club Bliss. We are, however, trying to host an established SL club on the Island to give it a bit more traffic (and truth be known save us a great deal of work!!).

The PRI has items available for sale and if you become a bit handy at SL building you are free to use some space to flog you wares.

The "Mess" is a quiet room put aside for people to chat without having to contend with the chaos going on outside.

The race track has kart rezzers available at the start with karts that are far more controllable than the default one given in your inventory. The track is under constant development with plans to round the corners and make the final downhill a little less eratic. I also have a control system that times your laps and gives a top 10 etc and if i can get it to stop crashing the Island i'll put that in too.

Thats some of the stuff available on the Island. Please come over and have a look - the Island is nothing without people to enjoy it. If you have any questions or suggestions for the Island, please post on this forum.

Must admit Boney after trawling the old SL threads , you can really see how the Island has come on in leaps & bounds. IMHO one of the best Military themed Islands out there. Well done to all the team responsible for its transformation.

Yes, agree with LT. I haven't been on there for months for one reason or another, but the place looks great now. I will have to get myself back on there.

Look who's back, to paraphrase the slim guy, Boney!! holidays indeed *mutter mutter*
just checking my new interweb connection between painting building and super gluing the curtains up

back later can't be caught slacking.

Some bloody people eh? leaving the range without pasting up!!

Further to the first post - there is a whale swimming around the combat subs bay. A swift linden dollar to the first Islander who manages to harpoon the bugger and reel him in.

I've got plans to keep the subs there but expand the underwater bit so it can be used for scuba diving which is quite popular on SL. Any ideas more than welcome.


Good presentation of the Island for the Forums, looks great in the pictures. Well done, a lot of hardwork gone in there Boney et al..


ouch....must quickly check back to SL...was busy on the Forums....
Looks fantastic Boney, great job by all. How about an Island party, get as many members on at a single time as poss to play with all the new toys... times, dates anyone?
suits_U said:
Blimey, How powerful is your PC butler?
I wish SL was as quick and rezzed up on my pc like that :D
Good vid by the by.
Nothing special apart from I put it all together myself

Windows: Windows XP5.1 (Build 2600) Service Pack 2
Internet Explorer: 7.0.5730.11
Memory (RAM): 768 MB
CPU: AMD Athlon(tm) XP 3000+
CPU Speed: 2158.5 MHz
Sound card: VIA AC'97 Audio (WAVE)
Display Adapters: RADEON 9250
Screen Resolution: 1024 X 768 - 32 bit
Manufacturer: Phoenix Technologies, LTD
Product Make: KT400-8235
and my graphics card is over a year old and cost me £40 then.


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