Whats happening down at Kineton?

Discussion in 'RLC' started by Frangipano, Nov 2, 2005.

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  1. Not heard much from the Lazy K these days! Anyone (Including Supply Trades & Clerks) want to have a go? I hear that AT's can't fight and win!! :lol:
  2. Please dont dissillusion me - i'm trying to get posted there. I'll bring my onw bass broom!
  3. I was there this weekend for a pi$$ up, and it was also my last posting in 1995, and whats changed????

    I see they cut the grass since 1995 not much else, the place is in shitt state.. oh.... the ASA have stolen my 92 (Ammo ) Sqn building i see, I wached it being built and was first in too...
  4. I take it you were swinging a pace stick with the MTI's then? It's not the ASA that have stolen 92, its their next higher formation, HQ DEMMS which is part of the Defence Log Trg Gp or some other meaningless but money consuming bollocks!
  5. 8O

    The men in white coats will be round shortly............................

    Hello Pith Dorf - this is Bomb Doctor - Reality Check - Over!!!!!!

  6. Yep, rgr that.I thought my user name might have given a clue...I was one of the chosen few....must say though that Taff who showed us around the museum on Saturday was VERY switched on and we asked General P*** C**mbers to send a very nice letter to his CO, to sit on his P file and wont harm his next CR either methinks..good lad...
  7. They're coming to take me away haha - to the funny land where life is nice and beer is thriceand i'll live happily all the time among all the gay frolicksome AT's and their chums - sweeping ammo sheds has got to be sh*tloads better than sweeping hangers full of leaking vehicles!
  8. I was there from '73-'75 and the place was brilliant, then they knocked the NAAFI and cinema down. They replaced it with that horrible character-less office-like brick building, without the cinema. What a sh1t-hole. It was like walking into jail for a pint, the beer would soak into the walls and the place stank like a thousand full ashtrays soaked in urine.
    There was open hostility between the A.T's and the Pioneers from 522 with occasional blood being spilt on either side. They even resorted to attacking us when we were sleeping in our beds. I remember one A.T chasing three of them down the road with a cricket bat after one of us was assaulted in bed. Nice one J.D.
    By the sound of it, its all gone downhill from there.
    I played for the Ironsides on Wednesdays, Banbury on Sundays,bought fags one at a time and was served coffee poured out of a huge jug at NAAFI break in the APA during the week. The weekends were a blur i.e. should I get drunk now ,or should I get very drunk now,
    (to borrow a well known phrase).
    The rest of the week was spent blowing stuff up, taking fuzes to bits or defuze-refuze of 105 Fd Gun shells, I had a brilliant time, and would do it all again if they would let me.
    I was removed by the men in white coats in '76 so you're all safe now. Ha,ha,ha!!
  9. Hey - what's new guys? There must be plenty of Xmas Spirit and opinions flying about after the xams partiers by now! How's the xmas duty list looking?
  10. FB - 8O ha ha ha. :twisted:
  11. does anyone know if s***e gr*****de is still teaching in the gym there at Kineton? i heard a while back he had got cancer any news anyone

    (Edited by mod for persec)
  12. See my PM to you re. SG.
  13. I hear there's trouble in the APA! - any printable news?
  14. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

    Trouble in the APA?

    The only trouble it's still there. :twisted:
  15. It's a great place that truly demonstrates all that's wrong with the new model army and the lunatics that run it.

    Kineton through DLO/PATO tell MOD what rules they need to make the APA Safe place to work

    MOD write's rules to dictate how APA should be run.

    Kineton look at rules, then create a post termed the Compliance WO. His job is to look at rules and ensure APA complies with them.

    APA realise they cannot comply with rules and shuts down.

    We now have two Warrant Officer's tied up at Kineton. One is the Prod WO, tasked with ensuring the APA "Produces". The other is the Compliance WO who makes sure it dosn't, or as he likes to be called the Anti-Prod WO.

    You couldn't make it up.