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Whats happened to the Documentary on Commercial TV?

Item 1, ITV - Tonight with Trevor MaccyD. I watched part of this tonight, concerning a program called Predator in the US, in which a TV netowrk sets up a house and entices pedos in via t'interweb. They are then confronted by a reporter + camera crew and, possibly, the Law. But it sounded as though the script was being read from a Red Top.

Now there's no denying these perps are evil (one even brought his 5yr son along, hate to imagine what for) but what's with the hysteria? I thought most offences like this were domestic. No attempt to present a balanced picture, just a rant - I thought - that will leave Plymouth devoid of paediatricians! I mean even the basics - eg,shock horror - it can't be used in the UK because the pedos were IDd before trial. The pained expression on the reporters face when she heard this from a policeman almost made it a comedy.

Item 2, Dispatches. Watched some of this as well, on the medical post-code lottery. Now hands up who hasn't heard of this or doesn't know what it is (Brits only on this I'm afraid). As I thought, not many takers. So why was this presented as news? Again, only the emotions were toyed with. Oooh shock horror, all the new drugs and treatments can't be afforded. No balance or suggestion as to how the problems could be rectified - eg what medicines / treatments are they suggesting should be cut back on? Less free fertility treatment? Fatties not admitted? Where does the money come from - sell the BMWs all the chavs on benefit seem to be able to accrue?

Apologies to anyone who's suffered from this 'lottery', I do admit that if it was me I'd be up in arms over it. Also I fully acknowledge the way the Government has Fu**ed up the NHS with more restructurings than you can shake a stick at.

Finally I'd like to apologise in advance to my descendants two hundred years from now if this is deemed in any way to have casued offence ...
jimminy_cricket said:
Finally I'd like to apologise in advance to my descendants two hundred years from now if this is deemed in any way to have casued offence ...
It's ok, I believe the Celestial Navigator (blessed be his name) is due to apologise for it next thursday.
how about setting up a pedo trap in the uk, when they turn up they are met with a 9mm to the back of the head and not a reporter.

and not to go against the supreme leaders new policy we must apologise after we shoot each one.

sorry no funding for this so all volenteers please form a queue, any views

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