What's happened to me fackin' gongs?

I suddenly had two appear earlier on... didn't even storm any machine gun nests, but didn't nick em from you.

Locker search...

(Whats the story with these medals in any case?)

There is an article here that explains the medals

ARRSE Medals - ARRSEpedia
OP I will rent you mine for a small consideration. Do you have any small children I can roast and eat?
Haven't a clue what I've got....until this post! :grin:
Is the email address on your profile out of date? I had one that wasn't working on mine and something one of the COs did to fix all the problems the site was having a while back got rid of all my thread subscriptions (so you don't get notifications about replies on threads you replied to before the changes), medals etc.
******* hell. Not only do squaddies moan about real medals. Now they whinge about cyber medals as well.

What would you know?..........******* civvy! :razz:
WTF, it's not real guys, tis the 'tinterweb thingy.

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