Whats happened to Bindon Bks?

28 went around to Gordon barracks and were there when I left Germany in 2003. Dont know if they are still there now though. Bindon was just sitting all locked up and deserted.
Bindon was given back to the Germans who opened it up and redeveloped it. Some buildings gone but new uses for others, old Hofficers mess is a restaurant.

28 moved into Gordon but only one squadron is now Rigs, :D Bailey and Gundolf also retained.

Told they will be in Hameln for many more years........... or until they build new blocks!! :roll:
The old main gateway is still there as is part of the outer wall The Guard room/RHQ, Sgts mess,
64 accommodation, Officers mess annex and Officers mess are there and have been converted into offices/flats. Most of the rest has been flattened and rebuilt on.

If you know Hastenbeck at all the flats are all civie, the school and community centre are still there complete with English signs and all boarded up, quite emmotional
Spent some time in Bindon in the early 80's and can quite truthfully say I enjoyed it thoroughly. Great blokes, great unit, great times.

There used to be a pub on the corner of the barracks once you took a left out of the main gate - anybody any idea what this was called or if it is still there?
Yes it is still there, it has had several names over the years, I think it was called the Boomerang at one stage
CAARPS said:
Yes it is still there, it has had several names over the years, I think it was called the Boomerang at one stage

Many thanks. Doesn't ring a bell but then again my mind is not what it was - not that it was much.

Hammer and Toenail, Cartoon, Green Lantern, Bathtub and Icebox still, however, very firmly etched in my pysche - must have been something to do with the amount of DM that changed hands.
Was in Hameln in '82-'84 (Bindon and Gundolph). Can't remember a pub nearby but I do remember the hairdresser on the opposite side of the road. To get to the pub I would go to from time to time, I would first turn left a little ways and then right up to the main road (sports shop on the left corner), then left - pubs and cinema's etc. on the left. As 28 unit photographer standing in for RE photographer, I took pictures for the 700th anniversary of the Pied Piper (Sapper Magazine ('84 (happy days))). When stopping over on route to a trade show in '03, I too saw that Bindon was locked up and run down.

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