Whats good about being a tankie ?

Discussion in 'RAC' started by broon, Mar 13, 2007.

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  1. I am interested in joining the RAC some time early next year and was wondering what was good and bad about the job, coming from people who had actually been there and done it, rather than the bullsh*t website info.

  2. Well, if you mean, being a real Tankie, then not smelling of horsesh1t is a major plus.
  3. I mean not Recce
  4. go for 2rtr mate you will have one hell of a time mostly pissed up but we play hard and work harder and get the job 1st time to the best standards around lads in the regiment are good lads and stick together

    be the best wear black
  5. you'll be very close in the Tanks :hug:
  6. Ah well, lesson one then.

    In the RAC there are two flavours

    Flavour 1

    The original and best

    The Royal Tank Regiment

    These are Tankies

    Flavour 2

    Everyone Else

    These are Cavalry/Donkey Wallopers/Hay burner abusers etc :)

    They are not, and never will be Tankies per se.

    They may, however, be on Tanks or Recce vehicles or Horses

  7. pmsl i think i now bleed black
  8. I was looking at the SCOTS DG, as I am from Scotland, is this regiment thought highly of at all as I havn't read much about it on this site.
  9. they still have horses and tank comanders that are wimps who dont get out of there tank when they throw both tracks and let the good old reme cut the tracks off and hitch up and tow them out they were under fire for 8 hours doing it
  10. They are a good regiment and very proud to be Jock you could do a lot worse than theScots DG. Whatever you do avoid HCR and 9/12L. My advice would be 2 RTR
  11. But I am Scottish, does it matter if I want to join one from down in England ?
  12. :shakefist: :shakefist: :shakefist: :shakefist: :shakefist: :shakefist:
  13. Not so much these days AFAIK. We had plenty of haggis chasers in 2RTR!
  14. Quiet in the cheapseats. Isn't it mucking out time?
  15. What are the pros and cons, if any, of the RAC ?