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Whats going to happen with Op Tosca with 40 Sigs ???

colin2k9 said:
wouldn't surprise me one bit ... But alot of people will be Pis*sd off about it ..
Not least those that have already gone through the mobilisation process. Will be a bit of a shock to be told your sunshine tour has been binned and your off to Afghan
All being blown out of proportion, TA at large certainly not be affected as badly as everyone is making out, we're already making in year savings through reduced MTDs, training and smaller T&S budgets. For operational commitments and units earmarked to support them, I would be hugely surprised if there were any change since this would require further expenditure in both providing regular troops to task and reallocating the original unit e.g. 40 Sig Regt. Now all calm down :-D

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