Whats going on with RA Barracks Woolwich

Anyone know what is happening with RA Barracks in Woolwich London.

1 Are the MOD selling it off?
2 Is 16 Regiment moving out?
3 Are the Guards moving in to keep the Camp open? What's going on with the place?
I thought it had been part sold off already. A radio station in London is giving away one of the new posh development flats there as a competion prize. only worth about 200k for a 1 bed!!!
No, That's the old Royal Arsenal on the river bank. This is the old Artillery Depot at the top of town. Now called Woolwich Station. I have heard that the place will be closed down in two years. However because of the listed status of the main building they are finding it hard to get rid of it.

I think that one of the main reason for the MOD wanting to get rid of the place. The main building on the parade square has the longest frontage in Europe. Must be costing the MOD and arm and a leg to keep it up and running.

However it would be an excellent location for a guards regiment. The parade square is massive and the camp has plenty of accommodation.
There are a few more points on this issue on the Gunners forum , thats if they havent been scrubbed with carbolic soap by the moderator!
Quote from soldier mag "The Woolwich estate is also to be consolidated under the process although the long-term future of the Royal Artillery Barracks at Woolwich is being re-examined, as are options for the relocation of units from Woolwich Station."

Noone seems to know at present exactly what is happening here. I will have to keep my ears open. Also please excuse harry as he gets upset when i delete his abusive drivel from my forum.
16 Regt RA have been told they are moving by 2008, as for Woolwich, well teams from the mighty DRA are moving in to put together the draw down plan of the station. It looks like it will be sold off to fund the goverments next batch of expensive wall paper and a new Jag. Realistically the Sports pitches will be developed and the parade square made into a lovely car park. As for the Front Parade building, its Grade 2 listed so wont be knocked down, just converted into lovely flats for city t*ats. Good luck to them!
16 to move out, most of rest sold. Front parade must stay as its listed but can be turned into "apartments", the rest can be torn down or whatever. Sports pitches are earmarked for future large sporting event, apparently!
Thanks for the info. I would luv to get a posting back to woolwich! It would also be a shame to the the true home of the Royal Artillery closed down and sold off.

Especially as it will mean the home of the RA will have to be Larkhill. What a C**P hole. The RA would be better of having their home in the Outer Heb's.

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