Whats Going in Britain?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by USAFA83wife, Sep 13, 2006.

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  1. The following quote is from a Wall Street Journal opinion piece, 17-18 “Mad Dogs and Englishment” by Joyce Lee Malcolm

    Inmates running the asylum?
  2. Can't say I have heard of this at all. Think there would have been uproar if it really happened.
  3. I see some of your point - but if that had been in USA - the guy would have been shot the minute he pulled the gun. At least this way he and his wife are still alive.

    Are you sure it is not a suspended sentence though ??
  4. Ah, I see where you've gone wrong here. You're reading the Daily Mail and believing the press in general.
  5. No, I was reading the Wall Street Journal and went hunting for the rest of it. I give up. Go back to sleep.
  6. Most violent developed country? Compare our homocide rate with that of the wonderful USA. Job done
  7. It's called banter or pish-taking... :roll: Don't forget to pick up your teddies and take them with you when you leave.
  8. I think the thick munter that penned that piece needs to look much closer at her homeland where gang members suffer from friendly fire.

    Silly cow!
  9. Oh my, that is shocking! American has a hideous murder! I've never heard that before. My, you are informed.

    The piece isn't talking about the States. It's about the UK and your response to your burgeoning violent crime problem. We all know that the murder rate in the US is ridiculous. The point is that the UK used to be a place where one felt safe walking at night. It is no more. If it makes you feel better to sit on that side of the pond and gain some level of comfort by our murder rate, be my guest. The truth is you're six times more likely to be mugged in London than in New York.

    Don't patronize me. That's not "witty" British banter. That's refusing to address the issue by attacking the source.
  10. Oooooh, hark at her, time of the month is it dear?
  11. Those that live in glass houses should not throw stones

    Sort out your own fcuking problems then you can start preaching to us about being a violent country.
  12. Hey Ladies and Gents, we shouldn't knock the US Penal system, say what you will but their Jails are f*cking jails and not holiday camps and I do admire their capacity for executing killers!
  13. Playing devils advocate here for a moment - if the person in question hadn't been American, and the newsource wasn't American either-how would people have reacted?

    Think sensationalist Daily Mail articles.

  14. It was also in the Times - which is usually quite balanced