Whats faster, Morse code or message texting?

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Bugsy, May 6, 2007.

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  1. Bugsy - you're clearly not a Spec Op are you?! I'd say about 25 wpm, perhaps a little faster.

    By the way, and I only found this out myself last week. What we all know to be Morse code, i.e. the code the we (the Army, RN, RAF etc (and HAM geeks)) have been using all these years is actually the International code. Some Morse code characters differ from the International one and I don't think any of us who were taught "Morse" could actually read it. There you go - an interesting fact, with which to impress your mates next time you're down the pub. Or maybe not....
  2. Spotter.
  3. Obviously you're not a Spec Op either, WindowLicker. I've just worked out that the guy was sending at 70s. 25s indeed!

  4. Err, you're wrong. Yes we can...

    BTW, That's about 21/22 wpm tops.

    70 WPM? Bugsy, how have you figured that out? :roll:
  5. 70 WPM?? That would be really impressive.

    Use this to set the speeds and you get to hear what 70 WPM sounds like.


    The morse I get to listen to is 12 WPM and that's enough for me.

    I wonder how fast a SHITETALKER (Chav equivalent of Windtalker) can text a load of undecipherable bollox to MI M8!

    And please tell me how the fcuk is MI an abbreviation of MY?
  6. I heard on the TV some time ago, that there is a World Championship for texting, I shit u not!!!!.

  7. You remember in the good old days, the morse telex machines? What rate did they send/received at? Far too fast for human reading anyway.
  8. My father-in-law was a signaller with the Brit army in Burma in WWII.. he was acknowledged as one of the fastest sender/receivers in the biz.. even at 80 plus he can out dit-dash my daughter in message send and she's a fair hand at txting [ as the phone bills attest ]..!!
  9. Pick up the phone and dial a number.
    Textings for gays.