Whats everybodys favourite type of crisps??

Oh and I do like Weight Watchers Chargrilled Smokey Bacon Corn Bites, although they are more snacks as opposed to Crisps if you want to be pedantic about this
Fcuk off!

My favourite crisps are found inside the knickers of recently deceased grannies.....
easy-wan-kenobi said:
spicy tomato space raiders or pickled onion monster munch.... doubles up as bait if im feeling horny instead of hungry
What you baiting easy? 6 year olds? :roll: :D
Tayto. Fom Norn Iron.

Cheese n' Onion, preferably.

Big bags of . . . . .

With (unchilled!) draught Guinness.
Salt & Vinegar any time of the day!!
Walkers BBQ Rib flavour.

Although, when I can get hold of the Sweet Tai Chicken (can't remember the exact name) McCoys are the crisps for winners!
I second Tayto. The inventors of the Cheese n' Onion crisp. They're mega.
I think I would have liked the Hedghog flavoured ones that were available a couple of years ago but were taken off the market because they didn't contain real hedghog, I have always felt somewhat cheated by that.
Did anybody try them when they were availble?
hedgie said:
King Crisp

Chese and onion - between 2 slices of white batch bread
Grainnoge, dear boy! :D

Those are good, too.

Do join us later on OFTI . . . . . 8)

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