Whats EPIC?

Yes, so your paying for someone else who has lost out to JPA, your a very kind person, someone owes you a beer for that.
You could not make it up. Just compare the actions that would happen in a civvy employer, if pay systems were able to reconcile (or not) directly at the record level. Have worked with a few, JPA must be just about unique in design to every other government and commercial system.

Cheerful - any thoughts on why it works in this way?

Good luck Leftover, let us know how long it takes to get sorted.

Just out of interest, have we had any JPA frauds at the system level yet?
Leftover said:
But its being taken out of my pay.
An EPIC is basically the JPA equivalent to the acquittance roll payment, paid to tide you over until what you are owed is sorted out and credited to your pay but it will be deducted from your pay account. - If in doubt have a word with your admin office - I assume you were paid cash by them, they should have explained the system when they made the payment.

Stands for Early Payment In Cash by the way

Leftover said:
But its being taken out of my pay.
Have you had extra money the month before, or an emergency payment previously ? Often its an input error that leads to your pay going everywhere but your bank.

I started another contract in the APC and was summarily dicked about for 6 months by the pay people. "the system" just takes back what it believes you owe them , without asking. I got to the point I had to sub money just to get to work. :roll:

Good luck.

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