Whats dubya Up To??

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Rocketeer, Jul 15, 2005.

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  1. I think Dubya has decided its time to kick some serious Afghan butt and go all out to capture Osama, and he doesn't care who does it.. Things are not looking good right now with a resurgence in the boonies and with Iraq being a bit of a bugger's, Bush is looking for some serious PR to turn things around.. Hence the recent deep penetration efforts of the SEALS [ which went t*ts up a bit ] and his ' request ' to the Aussies for their SAS team and, now, Canada agreeing to send in our Bad Boys, the JTF2, who did such a crack job the last time they were there..

    Seems to me pretty obvious that with all these hardcase UForce chaps running about in special ops that the hunt is on to nab or jab Bin Laden to score major points in the 'War on Terrorism '..

    or maybe not...
  2. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Fine in theory, but.... what happens when it turns out that OBL is happily esconced in Pakistan, our ally, and that he is surrounded by hundreds of tribesmen, armed to the teeth?

    From what I can gather, they may not support him particularly, but they will

    a) defend him if he is a guest, and

    b) fight anyone else in the world, as that's what they've ben doing for hundreds of years!

    Could make things tricky, even for plenty of SF.
  3. Fro what I understand...back at the Ranch...he just want's to get some real 'Afghan' puppies for the kiddos...
  4. Ehem...Now that we have had ex-Pakistani Suicide bombers in London, the alleged deep embarrasment of Pakistan might just allow the SF to deploy over the Afgan / Pak border to grab old Bin Liner. Quid Pro Quo, and more aid and arms deals for the Good ole Pakistanis in return.
  5. Pakistan has some 70,000 troops deployed in these areas, far more than the US has deployed to the whole of Afghanistan. The Pakistani special forces (SSG) are very competent and have extensive experience of this environment. Even allowing for the political objections over soverignty which have blocked any cross border raids by the US, there is no practical need for US/UK special forces in Pakistan. Also, looking at the failure to catch OBL at Tora Bora, and the recent loss of SEALS in Afghanistan (and the failure in Iraq to catch Zarquawi), it is hardly a given that Western forces will be 'successful' in any operations conducted.
  6. The fact that there are shedloads of Pakistani troops playing boyscouts in the border country doesn't mean they are actually trying. Someone has to smile at the spy satellites.
  7. More than 150 Pakistani troops have died in fighting in these areas. Try telling their families they weren't 'trying' :roll:
  8. Any analysis of previous actions in Afghanistan reveals that the problem has always been getting enough men in place around the opposition to block their withdrawal. From ourselves in the 19th century, to the Russians in the 20th and the US in the 21st a lot of bad guys have always been able to make use of the complex terrain to leg it. Now of course if your view of the military comes from watching Delta Force, Commando and other such quality entertainments it's easy to say send "them" in and sort it all out. Reality is far more complex and successful ops require lots of troops, lots of time and support from the locals.
  9. Inevitable really.