What's different about this SA80 A1?


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I actually recall that photo and have looked at it closely, it does have a bipod - I was always under the impression that is what is looked like before the Meccano barrel Housing was added for stability


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This is the type of weapon in the illustration:

L86 Pod.png

and this an earlier development model where the legs folded back in to grooves in the forend, one of which can just be seen:

L86 Channels.png
Only if you put a full stop after Der Sturmer, otherwise the correct form should read 'the Daily Mail' - just saying.
Wouldn't a question mark have been more appropriate? ;)
Weird photo/drawing. Prototype SA80s. Chieftain, not Challenger. FV432 not Warrior. 68 pattern combats. Suggests mid 80s. So why are they wearing Kevlar helmets?

Only had Chieftain and 432 available for the photo, but had prototype SA80s and prototype Kevlar helmets?

ITDU perhaps?
This was a pre SA80 model which never made it to production because they couldn't find any massive obvious faults on it.

Luckily the back room lads at BAE were able to totally fcuk it up in time for manufacture.

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