whats better new softly RMP or shoot first ask later RMP

Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by monkey160, Jul 12, 2006.

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  1. Go at it boys....

    New clean shiny softly softly lets be your friend mate then screw you over RMP that we have now or the old RMP of give you a slap, find out you didn't do it and give another slap for getting in the way? :twisted:
  2. I'd rather not get shot at all really.
  3. I'm in the RMP but been out of the system for a few years and look forward to my imminent return to a Provo Coy with all it entails. Inept leadership, limited knowledge of policework, low morale, 18 year LCpls with no idea of what the Field Army is all about, mountains of paperwork, no support for decisions made from said inept leaders and general disdain from the rest of (army) society when I get blamed for all of the above.

    Still we all volunteeres, better in than out etc etc.

    But tell me more M160 what is the new softly softly approach? If some of the guys I've worked with were any softer they wouldn't be able to stand up.
  4. Given your secnd posting was

    You are currently serving as a member of the Provost. If you cannot be sure how to act - what chance does anyone here have of advising you? In addition, you will set loose the rabid dogs and have surely seen how irresponsible is this from your other area of this forum. Strain - you haven't had a chance to see it. Too many things to do - ah, shame. Your tutu getting frayed is it? Bullshine? The blokes who knew how to impose that all left many years ago. Say no to the Lt Col up the road? All you need to do is what your corporal (guy with two stripes - remember?) tells you. What your OC and RSM say at the shiny new court martial sentre say is up to them. Doctor OldRedCap's prescription is to stop whinging, start soldiering. Shut the fcuk up.
  5. Codhead - I am sure it is not as bad as that - thought RMP was the only fully recruited corps ?
  6. Have you ever considered the fact that it may well be the actions of the RMP that are actually contributing towards recruiting and retention problems?....

    Join the army, if we don't get you killed through inadequate kit... we'll have you unfairly prosecuted!
  7. Sorry Warrior_Poet-we don't decide who to prosecute. Far too demanding for our simian minds, and besides if the AG and the press are to be believed we do the Fd Army a favour by mucking the investigations up. So you see, we're nice guys really.......Monkey160, couldn't you have put up a better aiming mark?

  8. Codhead 582 - you may be in the RMP - but from the above comments you're an embarrassment to it. Inept leadership - get promoted and lead then. Limited knowledge of policework - learn some, practice it and share your experience. Low morale - often stems from no-nothing muppets moaning and groaning in the mess and influencing the younger bods as much as from the leadership. 18 year LCpl's? Not in my time, I suspect not many now, except maybe you that is. Mountains of paperwork - That's the fault of the British justice system, not your RMP Capt's and Maj's. It's no different in civvy bill. No support for decisions - I suspect with an attitude like yours your lucky to be in a job. You get blamed for everything - Arrrh! Poor you, never mind.

    Exemplo Ducemus.
  9. none of the above as i dont like coppers.
  10. No, no, no this thread just ain't having the effect you wanted Monkey160
  11. I can only take it that monkey160 is either a crow or some co(k trying to start yet more stupid arguments about how bad the nasty monkey is !!!!
  12. codhead582 wrote "I'm in the RMP but been out of the system for a few years and look forward to my imminent return to a Provo Coy with all it entails"

    Is that a 'we havent gone away you know'

    get with the programme you 'spaceshuttle doorgunner' Its PRO COY' not PROVO COY unless you wear a balaclava
  13. While I accept the RMP don't decide who to prosecute, they sometimes do a fcuking good impression of deciding who is guilty or not! The SIB in Sarajevo did a great hatchet job on a couple of sigs officers in 1996 because one of their colleagues decided to allege they were lesbians. She then presumably finished her period and withdrew the allegations but the SIB pushed and pushed...admin discharges followed, relationships bounced and finally, guess what...redress.
  14. Ahh but were they guilty? :twisted:
  15. Cuddles, where on earth do you get your information from? The 'SIB pushed and pushed'. Don't you understand that there was nothing more tedious than being required to waste time and effort 'investigating' a couple of bean flickers? After tedious interviews where you are expected to play act that you believed the total bollax they were spouting you ended up with hours and hours of tedium chasing up on their girlfriends. Finally after a mountain of paperwork and long hours getting the report out you wanted the complete heap of crap off your desk as soon as possible. The outcome of any administrative action was entirely a matter for the individuals COs, so if the fcukd it up it was down to them and ALS.