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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Jiblit, Feb 4, 2010.

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  1. Err hi

    Whats best in regards to running, do i eat and drink loads before or after a run and are the old vitamin pills worth a bash ???
  2. Vodka. Lots of it. Couple of cyanide capsules too.
    What do you think? Think it through, slowly now 8O
  3. ok thought about it, will crack on and keep clocking up the miles.

  4. follow the example as was on band of brothers - have a big spag bol then go for a run
  5. The thought of cyanide and vodka is starting to appeal :p
  6. Light meal 2 hours or so before you run, make sure you are hydrated. If your piss is yellow then you are dehydrated, it should be clear. Water is fine for short runs, afterwards make sure you take on water.

    Works for me
  7. Doesn't even need to be 2 hours before, do what works for you.
    Same with water, some people get along differently at different times.
    Can take the piss to both extremes and have too much and too little too.
    No one can tell you specifics, find out ffs.

    P.S I forgot to say, stop asking and just run you bastard :D There is no secret
  8. Like I said "Works for me" May not work for you.

    Some guys can roll out of bed have a slash and do 5 miles before work, some can't, what works for others may not work for you. However I am basing my advice on experience and the fact I am fcuking brilliant.

    So there. :p
  9. yeah common sense told me that today Polar, i had to cut short and make my run today a 3 miler, left my water at home, like i say the thought of passing out on a busy road just before sunset didn't appeal and the headlights on the cars wern't making it any easier.
  10. I am also brilliant.

    Training runs or racing?

    After a sunday roast do you feel like smashing out a six-miler, or crashing out on the settee?

    About 45 mins before morning runs have a light breakfast - bowl of cereal or egg on toast, something like that. Light lunch before pm runs. Run before your evening meal or you end up not relaxing in the evening.

    Trial and error, work out for yourself what suits you best.
  11. Another point there, some of us can feck off for miles upon mile without water. You can't. It varies.
  12. Would passing out on a busy road just after sunrise be more acceptable?

    Admin fail. :x

    FFS. You'll be asking for a printable stag-rosta next!! :D
  13. Fair point !!!!

    But it was getting dark and the roads were getting busy, one wrong foot and id have been diving into a barbed wire fence.
  14. Before I became old and decrepit, last year, I used to do my running at night after an afternoon of drinking lots of water whilst at work. On return from run, shower change and eat.

    What veg do you eat with a stag rosta :)
  15. Mmmmmmmmm, venison gulasch! That would have to be sauteed potatoes. Lovely after a winter training run and cooks while you're out running.