Whats best for muscle ache?

Quick question - Ice pack or hot treatment (warm towel, hot water bottle, etc)? Cut a long story - its thought that I have a temporary prob called TMJ (and no I didn't get it like that :)) I've read up on it on some american websites but they can contradict a little on medical and non-medical treatments info. There's very slight swelling that isn't noticeable but the thing can hurt like a b1tch some times despite taking ibuprofen.

Generally though I wanted to know if there are benefits in one treatment over the other. Is it dependent on how the injury/hurt is caused?
For general muscle ache I frequently read (in Men's Fitness) that cold treatment is best, a nice cold bath would be better than an ice pack!
Isn't TMJ a jaw joint pain? Can you submerse that in the bath?? :lol:

As with most with most things follow the doctors advise (I'm assuming you've seen one). If not then go for which ever one feels better, some people respond to hot, others cold. Listen to your body!

Cold is generally thought to work best in some cases though since the low temp reducing the swelling.

Best of luck with it! And maybe try saying no to the gents in future! (crikey you must be down there for ages to get that!) :lol:
A woman with jaw ache! now why doesnt that surprise me? you could try stopping talking for five minutes. :wink:
sandmanfez said:
A woman with jaw ache! now why doesnt that surprise me? you could try stopping talking for five minutes. :wink:
She shouldn't stop until she's finished :wink:

In all seriousness - Deep Heat works a treat (not sure for Jaws though).
What's best for muscle ache?

A 10 mile run followed by 2 hours on the free weights normally causes it for me. :lol:
ice cold bath straight after exercise. Heat can be good for a couple of days after. also alternating Hot/cold every 10-15 mins.
Above all warm down efficiently & if you ache the day after or more often the day after that: LIGHT ACTIVITY works a treat!
I bloody knew it!!! If I got it because of a little gag reaction - the pain would have been worth it :D. Defo not out of practice mate! As for shutting up - what for?! That's what we wimmen need to do to antagonise you men :wink:

Yeh it is jaw joint pain. TMJ stands for Tempero-Mandibular Joint. Its the bit that connects the jaw bone to the skull. We all use this joint when we eat, yawn, smoke, etc. For some reason, the jaw can 'unhinge' itself like when people yawn and it 'pops'. Its happens to a lot of ppl daily but perhaps without the muscle pain or the bone rectifies itself on its own so most ppl do't realise that had it. There's little know about about the treatments for it - well in the UK there isn't anyway.

Thanks for the advice so far though: tried Deep Heat which did little but led to me to try Ibuprofen Gel instead; I have immersed it in the water when I'm in the bath and other the 'moist heat' treatments at times. Will see how cold application go. Cheers.
Bit of ice and loads of vodka should do the trick, if symptoms persist, get rid of the ice and up the dose of Polish laughing juice! - Good luck.


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