Whats being an infantry officer really like?

Hi , currently debating between joining as a royal marines officer or infantry officer. During my research I found one post about how being a royal marine officer is fairly shitty. How for the first stage of your career (a good few years at least) you're a paperwork slave , you will have usually a year max of being a troop commander. After that regular tours are no longer a thing for you.

I have left exactly what the OP posted here :

When first applying, the WO who interviewed me said "other ranks have more fun" and that as a YO I could look forward to 4 years of being the office b*text deleted**h, doing the paperwork that no adjutant or major wanted to do, and then by the time I'm promoted, I'd no longer be a field officer and I'd be stuck behind a desk for the rest of my career. The more time I'd spend as an officer, the further and further I'd get from the field, doing hands on soldiering. I brushed it off at the time *text deleted* I thought he was joking. Correct me if I have this wrong, but there's no way in hell I'd go through RT + 32 more weeks of training only to become a glorified office clerk, no matter how fancy and important my work was.

I was wondering if this is similar when your an infantry officer?


As an infantry officer you will command your platoon - and do paperwork. The paperwork will mainly be platoon focussed - appraisals, exercise and range instructions etc.

Your platoon Sgt is there to guide and advise. You would be foolish to ignore his guidance and advice, but downright idiotic to forget that ultimately you are held accountable as the commander.

You might get a second Pl Comd tour in a support weapons platoon. Alternatives could be recruit training, signals platoon, int officer etc. These will all have paperwork too.

Captain and beyond Is where the paperwork starts to outweigh time spent with soldiers.

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