Whats been flying over my house?

I live under the flightpath to the BAE plant at Warton in Lancashire, and about 2 weeks back there were two small corporate type jets doing circuits. One however seem to be carrying quite a bit of underwing ordenance. Both were definately doing laps into Warton, and after seeing another post about the radar calibration aircraft seen out and about it seemed they were of a similar type, but these definately had me stumped. The planes were black with red piping IIRC and were present for a couple of hours. Very stange, as I'm used to seeing all inds of weird and wonderful things going in and out of Warton, but I've never seen these before.
Anyone any idea what they were and what they were doing?
thought it was something to do with the lads from Wattisham doing a little low flying Link
re-stilly said:
thought it was something to do with the lads from Wattisham doing a little low flying Link
Mr Merriott said the experience had been "demeaning and humiliating".

Mr Merriott, who runs a stage lighting firm, criticised police for being "heavy-handed" and "wasting resources". He said he might complain.
That fucker clearly has no idea what effect shining a powerful torch has on a crew flying NOE? I'm sure he'd change his tune if he caused the cab to hit something...like his head. Cunt. Funnily enough, the police managed to charge a tosser for a similar incident just recently. No coincidence that it was a police helicopter that had been zapped. I dont think these tubesticks realise the danger. If they dont like the occasional sound of freedom flying around their gaff, they should just fuck off to Iran or Albania.
Fcukinell, Hinge and brackett have joined in.

Soprano, the bloke who, when his Mrs said she wanted a bigger room pulled the front room ceiling down and Flash who had MT lockers for wardrobes in his master bedroom
Got lasered at 300' on final 23R at Manchester a few weeks ago. Apparently one of the websites selling these things makes a point of saying how good they are for "tagging" aircraft. I'm not so sure all the other residents of the Heald Green area would be quite so impressed given that their roof slates rattle at the best of times, never mind when the 65 tonnes of ironmongery over their head is being flown by a couple of guys who are half blind.
Those same aircraft fly around the Bournemouth and Christchurch area in Dorset, often in tight formations of up to four. They must be ex-military pilots to do that, because airline pilots think of passing within ten miles of each other as a 'near-miss.' I believe they were based at bournemouth Airport.
Most of them are ex military but not all. They used to do the Thursday War in the Danger Areas around Portland for the Navy. IIRC, a lot of the gear is threat simulation stuff, they can make the aeroplane replicate various missile systems etc. I think they also do a lot of air to air threat stuff as well but must confess, this is all based on chat from when I was Bournemouth based 15 years ago!

There also used to be a unit at Teeside doing much the same but over the North Sea.
The plane pictured is from Flight Refueling Aviation (its in fact the very plane I flew in on my 21st birthday :D) they are part of the Cobham PLC and do a lot of simulated threat work for the Navy, My dad worked for them @ Bournemouth Airport until he retired a couple of years ago.

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