Whats arrse worth

Discussion in 'ARRSE: Site Issues' started by boney_m, Aug 12, 2006.

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  1. According to this site, using data from the Yahoo developer network, heres what arrse is worth!!


    To be honest, i thought it would be worth more. Still, its a new car and a med cruise i suppose :wink:
  2. £46,058.4635 Cheap
  3. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Bollox - Arrse is PRICELESS :p
  4. price would double following a troll kull!
  5. Well according to that site, Rumration is worth more than Arrse!!-$88,469.

    I think this website talks bollox
  6. So do i matelot, and as Auld-Yin said, arrse is priceless!!
  7. I'd take anything that site tells you with a pinch of salt.
    It's currently valuing www.sex.com at [​IMG]- this actually sold for $12,000,000


  8. Yeah, it's pretty much böllocks. Like, I know a few site owners whose sites might be worth quite a few grand, but who's going to buy?
  9. This may actually be good news for the CO's, it seems to undervalue everything. Its just valued yahoo.com for a tad under 50 million. I expect its several hundred million under the curve there!!

    I didnt actually mean for this to be taken seriously, it was a bit of fun. Should have put it in the naafi - sorry all.
  10. Depends, a site with a high hit count can produce advertising revenue, and as BFG has pointed out, sex sells!!

    The dot com boom has been an gone, but with the right idea coupled with the right address, there is still money to be made on t'interweb. This site made a UK student over a million dollars - right idea, right time.

    Million Dollar Home Page
  11. I now work in specilaised finance and corporate finance for my sins albeit not in the UK. I would say with membership just shy of 20K with a rough visitor ratio of 2:1 and the high profile of the site I know of investors who would probably pay about £75K Stg to buy Arrse. The potential of Arrse has not even being realised. It's only scratching the surface. If I threw £75k at Arrse and let it continue I would also appoint a Business Development Manager at £35k +bens to increase the revenue streams of this site. Unfortunately I don't have a spare £110K but thats my tuppence worth. Trust me you boys are sitting on a goldmine. If any of the owners of Arrse want to PM me , am happy to talk.
  12. Oh christ, i've awoken the corporate beast!! I'll immediately practice self mortification with badly terminated cat5 cable.
  13. And by the time you had finished, you would have probably stripped it of all soul and character and edge to make it all nice and fluffy for advertisers. [​IMG]
  14. Good CO

    Good CO LE Admin

    Obviously an interesting thread. To be honest BCO and I had decided the site was worth considerably more than the figures mentioned.

    We're well aware that it's commercially underused - neither of us are businessmen nor have the time to deal with much more than functional development / running of the site. Business development? Wot?

    So for the time being the site remains homely and, yes, a little amateur. Return? It gives me a little extra while I do an MSc and BCO hopes it'll be useful when he's another 30 years older.

    59 pattern - an interesting post and bernoulli, don't panic!