Whats Army life really like

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Mihikle, Feb 11, 2012.

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  1. Hi, REALLY REALLY new to the site so probably asking a question thats been asked and answerd at some point but basically -


    We get all that polished up stuff from recruiters and i'm applying for an FE Bursary in March-time, for either RA or Intelligence Corps, just wanted to know whats Army Life like, is it really as good as the recruiters say it all is?

    Also my parents don't want me joining at the bottom of the pile: Gunner/Private etc. They think that there's lots of bullying and ordering about on suicide missions and things, just to clarify: this isnt true right?

    cheers lads

    PS bought the ARRSE guide to the british army, its a top notch book, a good investment!
  2. Try harder, **** off.

  3. **** off you thick ingnorant twat
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  4. oldbaldy

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    They're right. RSM is a good starting point for you, I can see the potential.
  5. Everything the recruiter has told you is the truth!
  6. I've personally been ordered to commit suicide four times since I joined up.

    I got better.
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  7. i meant they don't want me joining as a private... intelligence operators start at l/cpl or officers etc.
  8. Anyone in a trade that gets their Lance Jack out of training is still at the bottom of the pile and liable to get filled in if they go round telling 'the bottom of the pile'' where their place is.
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  10. yeah, that was my parents view by the way, not mine! what i really wanted was to know what it's really like in the army.
  11. The army is great.

    I regularly go surfing in the Caribbean, Ski-ing in the alps and rock climbing in Sicily. The women are hanging of me because of all the pay and allowances I get. I travel the world by first class. My kit is brand new and top of the range. My normal accommodation is on par with a 5 star hotel. I've only been in 8 years and I'm a WO1.


  12. Do you like rock hard cock crammed in your anus?

  13. Its all lies - I never got taught to Windsurf
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  14. I thought this was army not navy...
  15. Frank, are you Smudge's mate as I think I may know you.
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