What's Aldershot like to live in?


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I Served in "THE SHOT" Mid 90's, it was going down hill then with all the AB Units being shipped to Colly so no atmosphere in the pubs etc. I went back in 05 to work for 3 years and lived in Farnborough (which is ok). By then Aldershot had gone to the dogs, the place was a ghost town at weekends as all the Units Toms who were posted in just went home at weekends. Then St Jo Of Lumblx arranged for the Gurkhas to come live in the UK and they (approx 7k) desended on Aldershot over a weekend (well thats what it felt like). I left in 08 wondering what the fik had happened to a once brilliant place to go for a pint as it was as most posters have said ALDERSHITE not Aldershot. It does have a v nice Holiday Inn at the top of Queens Ave and a lovely Tesco's though.
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