What's affecting you ?


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here y'go:

What's affecting you?

The Army Families Federation will be visiting MOD Main Building on 20 June.

AFF's Chief Executive, Julie McCarthy and Director UK, Jill Baines will be available to discuss issues with Army personnel. So, if you have concerns over Housing, Employment, Education or anything else which you would like advice on come to Spine 2 lobby area on the ground floor between 10-2 on 20 June.

We'll also have our AFF Grab Survey (www) which is your opportunity to tell us what you think of Army life.
Bit too late for me, I left in 1990. But if you like, you can tell them that successive governments promised to improve army accommodation both singlies and pads since 1969 and by 1989 I was still living in a shit pad (Guillemont Fields, Farnborough).


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too late mate ......cf Project SLAM

( sadly the current administration have, I'm told, frozen SLAM for the duration of the current fiscal clusterfuck )

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