Whats accomodation like?

I've just got a date for Phase 1, 14th June, going in as Design Engineer, hoping to get on surveyor of draughtsmen. Whats is the accomodation like after i've completed my combat engineer and trade training, and where will i most likely be? Also, will i be doing my trade first or doing comabt engineer work in afghanistan etc?
I would like to be a surveyor of Draughtsmen as well, they have dray horses with carts full of Draught Beer.

I thought the bairns of today were into texts and you tube stuff,

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If the rooms are crap you can draw up plans for new ones. A good idea to do in your own time then present them to the CO who will be over the moon with you positive attitude.
You'll most likely be somewhere between England and Germany, you're most unlikely to be in Barbados unless you make a formal request to be posted there to the Razzman. You'll be trade trained before you deploy anywhere if that's what you're asking however you may be posted to your unit as a SATT if your trade course is a long way away (considering that few design draughtsman courses are run each year), however I believe you can't go on operations as a SATT, especially if your unit is deploying on a Construction tour
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