whats a walt?

heres one:

Someone who claims or acts Like he is more military experinced than he really is (if he served if at all ) .The idiot in the pub who claims to have fought in the falklands and dosent know what year it took place .The guy who served in bosnia as a driver and claims he parachuted into a minefield with the para engineers in kosovo .Serving soldiers who wear commando badges or wings they haven't earned .Worse is people who wear medals they havent earned .Are all known as walts .From Walter mitty a short story about a
harmless chap who in his imagination saw himself as a hero .
Mostly harmless and amusing in genral .Though can be dangerous if allowed in postion of responsbility on basis of his stories.Some use tales of derring do as means to gain advantages and can lead to fraud and other criminal acts .When exposed may slink away or self destruct violently .

Reinactors paint ballers and air softers can also be labelled with this though normally more amusing and genrally harmless anyone who posts apictureof himself posing with weapons looking hard on the net is open to abuse .
Shouldn't knock the re-enacotrs, at least they are organized, dont do gaurd duties on a saturday night, don't fight in the rain, and they make it a family occasion. You want to try sitting in a trench when a re-con Tiger tank comes thundering towards you. Tends to put the realism back into training. A lot are ex-reg or ex-TA who dont want to be called up to somewhere sunny or mountainous, but want to enjoy the military knowledge. there are a few walts amongst them but they dont last long.
lol @ Airsofters!! A group of us headed down to an Airsoft game a few weeks ago to see what the fuss was about; it wasn't too bad despite the 30-odd metallers who made up the rest of the crowd. There was a few complete Walts among them; including 2 huge fat blokes with full American BDU (including helmets) & Minimees thinking they were the sh*t - boy, did they not like being shot!!!
Filbert Fox said:
heres one:

Do I know you matey?

Not sure I like being associated with Walts, even in jest 8)

Edited for mong-ish spelling.
:lol: hehe :lol:
I have never been a Para/ Commando/ Chef etc (Those three accounting for the most confirmed kills and maimings the Army have acheived in the last century I beleive).

I served in a humble capacity noted only for it's relative briefness and hedonism. So I do not feel I qualify as a walt.

My only concession to waltish behaviour is I once tried pulling a lass by blagging I parked nuclear submarines in Portsmouth. There. I've confessed. Stop picking on me you big bullies.
you look like Gary Neville, manc scum!! :wink:
Manc? 8O You go too far sir! I am a Taff and proud of it. :twisted:
are you really only 3 foot tall? that weapon looks mighty big compared to your welsh self.
We're bred small so you can fit more off us in a mine.
ok.....is this a walt? i use this line in pulling a lady in a club(whilst drunk)
"hello, im blah blah..im in the infantry,as in army. and im off to iraq in 2 weeks time?", even though im not?

if this is a walt, i'll stop. becasue we have a guy at my compnay who buys all the gucci gear...and is fat as a hippo, cant run..cant do anything? and that winds me up

No thats fair game .Your company mong could be a walt if he starts bragging about how good he is.

its not me is it :oops: ?
robbo9 said:
im new to the army, and the term ' walt' is used very often. but what does it mean? sorry for being niave
Try Googling "Barry Simkins". Should be a laff.

Wouldn't be surprised if it came back as "no matches found - did you mean complete Para wanabee fcking w@nker?".

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