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Whats a vet gotta do to get a drink around here?

history for a start - weve got history, youve got last week - as for an American complaining about English beer - what about the p1ss water that you lot call beer - and one final bit - only t hing i was told ever came out of texas was steers and queers - dont see no horns.
Typical SPAM, no culture but mouthing off about things they don't comprehend. You're country is great, it's just a shame it's populated by fat, loud peasants, all of which claim to be anything but American.

Hiya, I'm Brad, I'm actually of Irish origin (200 years ago)
Hey, I'm Chip, I'm actually from Scotland (etc)
Gooda Daya, I'm Antonio, I'm Italian (etc)
Yo, I'm Fiddy, I'm African American
Hey, I'm Armenian

It goes on and on.
Some Fcuking Idiot said:

English food, I've seen it gag a maggot.

Obviously whilst up to your nose in your own shite, you fcucking tosser.

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