"Whats a Spitfire?"

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Furryturd, Dec 21, 2008.

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  1. Being a bit of a sad geek I shoved my head out of the door today when I heard a Merlin engine. Passing overhead was a Spitfire.

    In the front room of the house were three boys aged between 9 and 11 years old.

    When I mentioned to my son that a Spitfire had just flown over the house his 10 year old friend said, "What's a Spitfire?"

    Is the boy gay for not knowing what a Spitfire is or perhaps he is an Islamist terrorist plant who has just failed his citizenship test?

    Should I have asked him to explain the offside rule then killed him with a sharpened desert spoon if he got it wrong?
  2. Whats even worse is when they say, 'who is Churchill?' As a history teacher and mil history buff I am greatly saddened.
  3. beyond the pale!

    Looks like a bit of late shopping for the lad is in order.

    "Battle of Britain" all Chrimbo week mate, theres neck all else on!
  4. Well, he's a bit young to be drinking.
  5. Someone else posted pretty much the exact thread a few months back. Who cares if he doesn't know what Spitfire is, the lad may not be a real ale fan, and prefer lager.

    Burn this dull thread.
  6. [​IMG]

  7. On Trafalger Day. I was telling my children about Nelson. They looked puzzled. "I didn't know Nelson was a sailor, Dad" The only Nelson they had been taught about was Nelson Mandela, FFS. They know better now!
  8. What about the joy when they say "oh, you mean that dog on that advert?"
  9. Comes from our "Guardian Reading" twonks in the Department of Children, Schools and Families who are too scared to admit that we were once a proud nation with a history and not wanting to offend other countries, considering we gave most of them a sound thrashing, there are a few exceptions of course......

    They don't teach our children ANYTHING that may give us a sense of pride or proves that we stand out from the other nations of the world!

    Battle of Britain/El Alamein/Trafalgar/Waterloo/Agincourt.....

    Never likely to hear ANY of those names in a school today or any time in the near future...

    It's a result of combined "Dumbing Down" and the "Nanny State"

  10. Did you actually use the word "twonk" there???!!
  11. There is a girl at work who thought Maggie Thatcher was also know as Mother Teresa!

    She also had no idea what the holocaust was
  12. I myself am shocked by the number of people (civvys) who've said to me "But Afghanistan isn't a real war, right?" :roll:

    Also, the person in my family who didn't know who Osama Bin Laden was.
  13. Yep, purely for the fact that if I said it exactly like I meant it would have been 20 pages long and full of the word Cnut and Wnaker and suchlike....and it wouldn't have stopped.....
  14. Well if you think that that's a fair excuse to use the word "twonk", then you crack on ;)
  15. Haven't got the time to state all that's wrong with this poor bloody country, it'd take ages and i'm about to go for a well earned pint after finishing a sheaf of Arrows..... :wink: