What's a 'Private' in the REME called?

Discussion in 'REME' started by steveb1000, Jun 18, 2012.

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  1. Hi,

    Thanks if anyone can help - I recently interviewed a forces mum for a local paper.

    She said one of her many sons/grandsons serving was the equivalent of a private in the REME but she could not remember the term.

    While he was in Afghanistan he worked on logistics and equipment.

    Can anyone help with the correct term? I can't find an obvious answer on the army website. If I put armourer, will that look stupid?


  2. Sorry, I meant if I put 'Private' will that look stupid. I am showing myself to be stupid already.
  3. Craftsman, IIRC.

    Abbreviated to Cfn.
  4. Craftsman I think
  5. Craftsman I know.;-)
  6. It depends on whether they've fixed your vehicle or not, Craftsman/Mate if they have or Cuntybollocks if they've fucked it even more :)
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  7. You may call him "God"
  8. Default to cuntybollocks then
  9. The latter is used more frequently for the reasons stated...:)
  10. Demolition expert?
  11. That's just the Reccy Mechs apparently!
  12. Pond life?
  13. Sledgehammer Operative?
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  14. According to the A Mechs, that'll be the B Mechs ^^
  15. Igor if its a Recce Mech