Whats a Military Family Worth?

Stephanie said:
Which works out to be about $500,000 on average.

Life time payment of $833 per month over 45 years plus extras.

Plus the $400,000 from the insurance.

Not all that shabby when you consider the serviceman volunteered for the job as opposed to the victims of 9/11 who didn't.
lsquared said:
To this government, the answer is:

Sounds about right... guess you'd get a bit from the army... but if you were chopped down by a terrorist bomb in London... I guess they'd ask if you had insurance. Does anyone know?

The payouts for 9/11 victims seem ridiculously high... but I guess it's well wishers cash.

PS I don't think congress will take much notice of the article when they couldn't even get the title right... What's a soldier worth? or What is a terrorist victim worth?
The article was taken from a true or false facts site (if you have time take a look about its pretty good).

The difference between 9/11 victims and soldiers is huge, albeit 9/11 is lump sum and soldiers is over time.

Both ultimatly victims of terrorists, being a soldier is just a technicality imho.

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