Whats a good running routine?

Hello, first post here and I want to get fit for regular infantry, hoping for the Royal Anglians.

I've been running here and there for a while without a proper system, would like some advice on a running programme and what you think is most effective to prepare ?

I'm still a bit unsure on what my 1.5 mile time should be for Royal Anglians as I have heared about Junior Entry time ? I am only just 16 so does this apply to me ?

Any help or advice but would be great cheers
It all depends on what you're comfortable doing. Some people run every day, some every other day. Others will go out twice a week for a long slog.

Start off with what you're happy with and build up from there. Obviously push yourself but don't kill yourself!

This website can be useful for plotting routes:

MapMyRun.com - Map your Run, Running Routes. Find Runs Anywhere. Join our Running Community of Runners. Run GPS, GPS, Running Social Network. Google Map Run, Calculate Calories, Online Pedometer, Distance, iPhone, and More.

It calculates distances, energy burned etc from the stats you put in.

There may well be some PTI people on here though that will give a bit more of a structured answer
I'm about to do the "Just back off summer leave,ate shit and drank like a fish for 2 weeks" Betty Ford Clinic de-tox run.

Ive been in 19 years and really should know better.

Still,by next week it'll be as if leave never happened.
Pick four days over the week to run on. Space them apart for your rest days.

So, Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday, Monday... Or whatever suits your circumstances.

Then aim to complete distance runs and speed runs on alternate run days. You're trying to beat the 1.5miler in under 10mins 30secs. Ignore the time and focus on the distance.

So, Monday: Distance run: Run for triple the amount of distance needed out (3 x 1.5m = 4.5m) Rest for however long you need. Then run back (4.5m.) Total distance covered = 9m

Tuesday, Rest.

Wednesday: Speed run: Run as fast as you can for a third of the total distance. (1.5m/3 = 0.5m) Rest. Repeat twice out. Repeat 3 times back. You should be aiming to complete each section in a third of 10 mins 30 secs (3.45 mins) Take as much rest in between as you like.

Friday: Distance run (Repeat as above)

Sunday: Speed run (Repeat as above)

Monday: Distance run... etc etc.

Depending on how much time you have between now and entry, you're going to have to decrease the speed time allotments for your speed runs.

Focus on your breathing and technique, buy decent running shoes, drink plenty of water and believe in yourself. Also, find a running partner and use Mapmyrun.com (above) to work out relative distances.

Good luck, let us know how you do.

Left, right, left, right, left, right etc... :wink:

Or look at the exercise plans drawn up by PTIs published on the PARAS10 or bootneck get fit to apply websites.
I have to echo BZ's post, the PTI's will have recommended trg plans & you could always ask if this does'nt suit your style,

Personally, 3 x sessions p/w: Build up trg consists of 25mins x trainer/BPFA required sit ups & press ups followed by 25 mins on tread mill all set for my age and keeps it simple, increase levels as required for personnal requirements,.

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