Whats a good BARB score? :) and what roles best

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Hi all,
this is my first post, despite being a member for about two years now i think.
Origionally applied in 09, and got a BARB score of 77
however i got back with the phyco of an ex so didnt go ahead

Then retried in 10 and got 81 which opened a few extra jobs, but once again i didnt go ahead due to family issues and problems

However now, being 21 and feeling more mature and confident ive finally decided that now is the time to go ahead with what ive always wanted to do :)

Had my Barb this morning and got a score of 85.. which im told is well above average, as well as Level 2 in the literacy and numeracy tests

Out of the 88 roles offered to me im seriously concidering Ammunition Technician as this is what i previously wished to go for back when i first applied.

Im just wondering;
1: what you lot got on your Barb, and if it really matters all that much or counts towards your grade at ADSC
2: What other technical roles offer Quick Progression through the ranks, adventure and travel, as well as the respect that comes with the role

also if anyone has any tips, advice, help on getting Army Fit ready for Selection id appreciate it

if this is all elswhere then i apologise for reposting, however im just curious,

thanks alot
Thought about it like...
haha nah sorry mate, i did search n found Barb discussions. But cant really find threads surrounding talk of quickish progression, promotion prospects etc. Just thought a new thread would get attention and answers quicker than trawling through the archives so to speak for bits and pieces
The AFCO by me said the highest score for any job was 68...
What they probably meant was they didn't want to hurt your feelings.

Or they simply wanted to fill the quotas for the biff trades that week, 68 spookily just being two points shy of the magical 70 points that opens up the higher entry requirement trades to you.

I also call "wah" so don your flash hoods and brace brace brace.
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