whats a european ?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by animal_farm, Mar 25, 2007.

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  1. Can some one out there educate me? …my understanding is that Jewish people by using various means including terrorism and deception stole land from the Palestinians to create the State of Israel in 1948 … one of the “justifications” for that was saying it was their ancient homeland as described in the Bible … so far, so good – well, not of course if you are a Palestinian that is! … now, this is what I can’t understand, I thought they lived in the Middle East, so how come they are playing in the European football competition? … beats me!
  2. Not to detract from your question (although I know it will): The people who claim Palestine as their homeland forget three things.

    1. The name 'Palestine' refers to a much larger land mass which included the territory now known as Israel.
    2. The 12 Tribes of David were also Palestinians.
    3. The constitution of Israel allows for all nationalities to live, work and be socially and politically involved in the state of Israel.

    Notwithstanding all that: if sport is used as a means of peaceful enjoyment between various countries I don't see why Israel or China for that matter shouldn't be involved with European fixtures.
  3. animal_farm I suggest you stop getting your historical information from 'Stormfront'

    However the bible gives a bit of a hint that may help with your confusion, the place was a Roman province called Judea before the uprising of AD77 -get the idea?

    As to the sport shite nice excuse for an anti-Israel rant
    Feck off with the rest of the Pally lovers - remember them? The ones that clamed one Mr S Hussain was a great Arab leader back in 1991? Cnuts

    You're not another reincarnation of Herrenbloke are you?
  4. Europe is a continent not a country there are many different countries in Europe

    Also there are many different nationalities who speak many different languages and also there are many different cultures
  5. A 'European' will cost you 80Eu in most Brussels brothels.

    Personally, I thought that was quite a lot for a bowl of soup.
  6. They start at Calais...
  7. ... appreciate your reply, but bearing in mind we have all sorts of games, African, Asian, European etc for different continents and the Olympic and world games for everyone i can't see the logic of Isael being in europe, but thanks.
  8. Is it because the EU now has 27 members and this odd number really messes with running tournaments? Israel is therefore just making up the numbers?

    Not following soccer all that closely I wouldn't know. If it poses a real problem I would propose that the UK withdraws from the EU as a sporting gesture.
  9. They've been in the Eurovision song contest for years, so Israel must be in Europe. Otherwise they would never have got through the rigorous selection process.
  10. As I have declared in many a post, I am just a 'thicko', but from the dim distant past of my schooldays, I believe a European to be:

    1. A person, object or item belonging to or emanating from the land mass starting at the Northern border of Germany (including the bit stolen from Denmark), south to the Mediterranean including therefore all of the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and France; East beyond the Alps, including Switzerland, to encompass Austria and then North following the German border to the Baltic Sea.

    (I am uncertain whether Hungary, what was Czechoslovakia and Poland should be included, as I am, born in 1941, affected by the evils of the dictators Hitler and Stalin and their effect on geography - opinions welcomed).

    2. I do not include Spain, Portugal or Gibraltar, nor any islands in the Mediterranean. The first three are Iberian or British and the islands are - islands.

    3. I do not include Italy either as it is all but excluded from my Europe by mountains and by having been a civilization when most of the nations above were peopled by simple savages (excepting Wales of course).

    4. From this definition a reader may understand that I am wholly opposed to the concept of a 'united', 'federal', European Soviet Union.

    5. In case you think I have forgotten 'delightful' Denmark, 'super' Sweden and 'fabulous' Finland, no I have not - they are Scandinavia. Norway of course is Scandinavian, but the Norwegians are far too bright to be 'in' the European Soviet Union. Hence they have fish to fish, unlike Bliar's bloody Britain.

    6. Great Britain - is NOT European, but sadly, is in the Eurpean Soviet Union.

    7. Great Britain CANNOT be in Europe or European unless the English Channel has disappeared since last I looked.
  11. (A) don't know so don't (B) never disputed their claim (C) it was a straight forward question with historical facts (admitedly hard to accept in this current purge against "terrorist" countries of which Israel is one) to illustrate my query (D) i assume you're refering to America, who provided arms and financial support to put him in power allowing him to kill millions in the following years (E) no
  12. Err, first of all - if Europe is hosting they have a right to invite anyone they want to participate and secondly - Russia and France were Iraq's biggest allies, suppliers of military wosname and purchasers of oil.
  13. I don't know what a European is - I'm English NOT European and don't want and will NEVER want to be classed as European.

    The worst thing we ever did was join the EU. Absolutely pathetic.


  14. Speechless.

    Chubb, do you think everyone else on this planet is as thick and mongtarded as you are?

    Hows your mum?

    Dead yet?