What's a CI?

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I read, on a thread in this forum, about 'CI's' (does this mean Chief Instructor?). From what I gleaned this is a particular subject-matter expert who could be Ex-Reg or TA? Have I got the complete wrong end of the lollipop on this one? Some lengthly clarification and explanation would be appreciated.

I'd be interested in a position like this because, not only am I a handsome devil, I also have some relevant mad skillz...Innit? I do fear that my woeful lack of kiddie-fiddling history on my criminal record puts me well below the minimum standard required for entry as an AI...


Edit: The first paragraph is actually a serious question, but paedophile jokes are obligatory on this forum so...
CI - Civilian Instructor.

An Instructor used by the ACF/CCF for teaching a specific skill but not part of the ACF per se nor hav they attended an AITC with a CTT or a Frimley course.

For example if you had a 'det' First Aid instructor who would come in on occaision and give out civvie first aid quals they could wear uniform but would have 'CI' on the rank slide in place of a red stripe with 'PI', or the traditional stripes, crowns and pips on it.

That said it wouldn't be the first time an AI has 'donned' himself a gucci title, so it is equally possibly that there is a 'Chief Instructor' in a Coy or what not. Maybe the top SAA bloke for example. But I reckon it would be Civvie instr. Which is odd really when y outhink about, ALL AIs are CIs really. Bar those that are serving members of the TA, I suppose.
What a relevant, useful post. Well done sir.

I'll make you Chief Instructor of useful responses. Or give you a gold star. Would you prefer a gold star?
The ACF recruits adults as potential instructors, where they will usually take a route through to uniformed CFAV, ot they may join with the fixed idea of being a "civilian instructor".

As chocolate frog said, some will come along with specific expertise, such as her first aid example, and not wish to get involved outside of their skill area.

The other major role for CI's is those, very often the parents of cadets, who are happy to go through the application/clearance process to become part of the ACF's adult staff, but do so to be able to help out with such jobs as detachment admin or running the canteen, but neither wish or aim to be doing any of the training.
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