whats a career manager?

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by APSED, Sep 15, 2008.

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  1. Hi

    On JPA says i have a career manager and gives their name.
    Just wondering what do they do and how do i contact them?
    Is it someone at MCM in Glasgow? It is not anyone at my unit.
  2. Sounds like the new fangled name for what used to be known as your desk officer at manning and records. i.e. The bod who would have a giggle at your preference posting sheet before sending you off to the arse end of knowhere to enhance your "career profile".

    It generally used to be frowned upon if you gave them a bell bypassing the chain of command when you weren't at least a stripey or above. Not by them I always found them more than willing to help.
  3. Or it might be your Regimental Careers Management Officer. Ask the RAOWO. He's the bloke with the big badge near all you JPA terminals. You might have to shout though, 'cos he'll be wearing ear defenders to mask the noise of you lot swearing at your keyboards! ;-)
  4. Most units should now have in place an RCMO with some larger units also having an Assistant RCMO, log on to the intranet or armynet and go to MS Web where you will find out more information on the functions of an RCMO.
  5. All PIDs (used to be LSN) on JPA are allocated to a Desk Officer at the APC. Your "Career Manager" on JPA is the Officer who will receive your SJAR on JPEh? (dependant on which A&SD) or your termination if you can sign off on JPEh?. They're there to help and most do. Career Manager’s on JPA however can also be Unit Career Manager - which means they’re allocated a function on JPEh? usually the RCMO which means that he can run some groovy reports occasionally when the bleedin’ thing works!
  6. It's not really a big badge is it, it's actually rather small when compared to most other badges of rank! :D
  7. Your career manager for most units is Adjt for officers and RCMO for bods.