Whats 9 supply regt, hullavington like?

Discussion in 'RLC' started by griff013, May 28, 2008.

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  1. Just got posting through, just wondering what your thoughts were of the place? 8O
  2. Depends on what Sqn you go to. Avoid 94 like the plague!!!
  3. I'm off in to 94, but im in the workshops! What's so bad about it?

    Anybody know if its got z-type there?
  4. Only good thing about Hullavington is it's proximity to the M4!
  5. 94 are Gurkhas and you will be treated like a second class citizen. I had to put up with them for 5 1/2 years before anyone gobs off. They look after their own and forget everybody else. There are some good lads in 944 though!!!!

    You'll be better off in the LAD, there was a good bunch when I left there a while back but you'll find that 94 have a strange way of doing things.

    I enjoyed my time at 9 Regt and I would go to any of the other Sqns if sent back.
  6. If you are a REME you will go to the LAD. Your AO may say 94 however that is only the way JPA has been set up. Perhaps you should ask your question in the REME forum :D
  7. Forgot to mention, no Z type.
  8. I no I'm going in 94, even tho it said 91 on my posting order. I heard that it just got Z-type.
  9. Totally agree there, its known as the Gurkha Factor. This was apparent when i was in 10 Reg, where there are 2 Sqns worth. Everything is geared up to the whole Gurkha way of thinking. Example in case, went to one of their Sqns to inspect 2 UBRE's. They were in shite state, but because they were Gurkha, the Gurkha Factor kicked in and nothing was said and the UBRE's were sorted by a non-Gurkha Sqn.
  10. ^^ I like you ^^ :)
  11. Also off to 9 Sup Regt RLC in Sept, I`ve heard the area is nice, schools for children good and quarters are ok. Not heard alot about the Sqns.
  12. No Z-type on site mate, sorry. What the place did get last year or the year before? was some new single storey prefab type accom. Imagine living in a box with wafer thin walls something on the lines of the corry-mecks we used to chuck up in Bos. but all joined together.

    The camp itself is an old 1935 era RAF Base, C/W with 'C' Type Hangers (Used by REME Wksps and the Gym) one burnt down a few years ago and other than the walls and roof being removed the base is still in place. The old K (?) Type hangers are still in use out on the Airfield, some by the unit and at least one by the local gliding club who are the main user's of the flying bit, the occasional Herc from down the road does however drop in from time to time.

    Accom's the original RAF 1935 Blocks plus some 'newer' one' built by the RAF before they left. Never lived in them, but even so I'd probably try for the newer ones or consider a caravan on the field out the back.... on second thoughts the caravan would win with a cardboard box in the bus shelter as second choice.... it would be better......

    Had a cinema once, that got knocked down last year along with part of the NAAFI, but no real loss there me thinks.

    Bring your tool box if you anything done on your room... no money mate!

    Ok the good bits......

    M4 less than 5 mins from the main gate. Bristol/Swindon/London all within easy reach.
    Good burger van on route to M4.
    Easy to get to M4.
    Good area for running (around the Airfield, just dodge the bl**dy gliders, silent death them things, you DON'T hear them coming, unlike the Alberts).
    It's easy to find the M4.
    Did I mention the M4?

    Bad Bits.....

    It's not been knocked down yet.
    The place is subject to a Type 2 Preservation thingy... means they won't knock it down and probably wont sell it either, well not the tech/dom site anyway cos no company in it's right mind would want the financial risk of keeping it these days. That said they are looking for somewhere to build ten zillion house's to put the great mass of unwashed in.... the airfield bit looks good.... :lol:

    Would I go there? no, Tidders far better...... but then I'm out now. God luck anyway in your posting, enjoy.
  13. A fine car park close to the M4!

  14. Sounds brilliant! Easy access to Wales so suits me.

    JayC are u in the workshops or..