whats 2 rifles like dont answer if your a weekend warrior

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by UnitedScratchyArse, Feb 9, 2008.

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  1. im joining 2 rifles in ballykinler in 6 weeks after my 5 weeks of training left has finished anyone know much about it.
  2. Fcuk off cokc sniffer
  3. It? Do you mean Ballykinleer?
  4. G*d help 2 Rifles if they're taking p*llocks like this.
  5. Maybe wait till you're a little bit further into your career before writing off the opinions of "weekend warriors"? Seeing as a lot of them have a lot of tours and a lot of experience, rather than 5-weeks-short-of-basics under their belts?
  6. Check your PMs (personal messages).
  7. Im sure my brother in law will be more than willing to éducate'you when you get there. He's very tall and looks after the things with wheels and the last I heard he had a brown labrador!!

    Be sure to call him Sir though.
  8. There are plenty of ex-regs who are now "Weekend Warriors". Furthermore I would hardly regard 3 months + as a weekend. They only have 2 days in them you know. Methinks my signature is most approriate in your case. Cnut.

  9. I would imagine that any 'weekend warrior' has a better idea of 'it' than you do.

    I do hope that you are attempting a Waah. If you are not, then you are indeed as described by other arrsers.


    edited for utter mongyness.