Whatever type of BFT the US Police do.................

Whatever type of BFT the US Police do.................this cunt isn't going to pass.

fuck me!! If that shirt can withstand that ammount of strain they should be making tents and the like outta the stuff
I remember reading about a US Plod who was suing his department as he'd been sacked for failing fitness test which had been filmed. It showed him barely able to get up from kneeling without using something to push on.


Funny, the rozzers here all seem to be six foot eight maoris or samoan with a road map of tattoos, or tiny, hyper-aggressive women who look like they double their weight upon donning stab-proof vest and belt kit.
Its a bit harsh on the Rozzer, maybe he was just undercover as a fat bloke (on his day off).

But why didn't the kid about to be arrested just run? Not like he could get his gun drawn quickly enough anyway.

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