Whatever next? Plastic beer glasses....

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Queensman, Aug 24, 2009.

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  1. ....The Nanny State knows no limits when it comes to interferring with the day to day lives of us 'ordinary' folk.


    So what? 5,500 people a year get glassed - I'd hate to be glassed and it is surely a wicked and terrible thing, but steady on a bit! What about the countless millions of people who manage to drink their pint of beer from a glass (or jug in my case) and don't feel the need to smash their drinking vessel into the unsuspecting chops of their neighbour? (However tempting).
  2. We have had this in Cardiff for years,every sport, music event held in the millenium stadium and all pubs for a large area around the ground must by law only give out plastic glasses
  3. Polycarbonate glasses are the way forward.
  4. Down my way as well, hard plastic glasses and things like becks, bud etc served in plastic bottles.
  5. It will be just like the NAAFI; plastic glasses or beer cans opened at the bar. I think the key to this issue is common sense; town centre pubs full of drunken under 25s should make use of plastic glasses. Quieter pubs with a calmer clientele can use proper pint glasses. Perhaps the decision should rest with local magistrates.
  6. Always remember running a bar while at University. Talk in the trade press was that some of the plastic alternatives caused much nastier wounds than glass as they didn't shatter on impact, but left long shards.

    Oh well, we'll be drinking in litres or fractions/multiples thereof if Europe gets its way (or not at all when the Nanny State outlaws booze...)
  7. I only need glasses to read if it's got a high enough alcohol content.

    Other than that, WTF's wrong with the good old fashioned intravenous drip?
  8. Just show's how mongingly stupid this government is…

    Use a beer glass as a weapon?

    Nope, always regarded these as far better…

  9. If someone can't use their glass to throw, they'll just thrown a chair or the other nearest thing they can get their hands on. Pointless.
    Had it at football for years and the taste of beer in plastic is awful.
  10. Cocktail umbrellas can be quite vicious.

    Better ban those as well.

  11. I hear if you flick a peanut you can have some ones eye out, best to ban them too.
  12. Just a shame they did away with the good old brewery printed heavy glass ash tray as well.What next plastic knives and forks. :roll:
  13. Especially the dry roasted ones.

    Evil buggers.
  14. On international match days pubs in the town centre are stripped no chairs,stools tables are left in situ, so there is nothing to throw, and maximum amounts of bodies can be crammed into the space thus left, getting served on such days is a art form,
  15. Worse on a cold winters night :D